Yercaud Big Lake, Tamil Nadu

Yercaud Big Lake

Location: Yercaud Big Lake is one of the most visited attractions of the city. This lake is present at the entrance of the city.

Description: Also known as Emerald Lake, the Yercaud Big Lake is usually seen as a landmark of the city. This picturesque lake is surrounded by lush green hills, which increase the beauty of the lake many folds. This is a manmade lake which is flanked by a well maintained garden. Different types of facilities are available for the tourists here. A floating fountain is present in the garden which increases the appeal of the garden. Tourists travelling to this lake can spend their time at the Deer Park or the Anna Park, which are present in the vicinity of the Yercaud Big Lake. A trip to this lake is sure to relax a person; therefore remember to keep this destination on your must visit list while planning a trip to Yercaud.

Activities: Tourists visiting this place can engage in boating, as they can easily avail boating facility at the lake. Travelers can also enjoy delicious meals, both local and other cuisines, which are readily available at different eateries. With all these attractions, a visit to Yercaud is sure to become a memorable one.

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