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My Happy Journey , established with the sole aim of offering the most exclusive and memorable experience to travelers and vacationers, My Happy Journey has today become synonym with credibility, quality and exceptional hospitality. Since, its inception in the year 2007, this company has surpassed many milestones with its professional and client centered approach and today it is renowned as one of the prime travel companies, offering an exceptional travelling experience to innumerable domestic and international destinations.

Strategically located in the IT hub of India, Bangalore, My Happy Journey has been setting new standards with its competent services and is a prime reason behind the content smiles of innumerable travelers, who have experienced its exceptional services.

My Happy Journey is an ISO certified Travel Company which has always aimed at delivering incomparable customer service through the enduring efforts of its dedicated staff. This company has been able to revolutionize the domain of tour and travel with its incomparable approach and by offering the most comprehensive services to the clients. Customer satisfaction being their ultimate motive and with a backing of years of experience and expertise, they have become a leading name today, which every traveler loves to be associated with.

My happy journey believes that it is the overall travel experience, and not just one aspect, that make a vacation or journey joyful. Vacation is a time to relax, unwind and take a break from the routine life. But when it comes to planning a holiday, a traveler is left stressed and strained, due to a number of reasons, which could be:

  • Poor holiday planning
  • Choosing wrong tour operators
  • Selecting wrong hotels
  • Paying unwanted cost

When planning a trip with My Happy Journey, you can be assured of the most satisfying service, as their executives are always on their toes, inspecting new and old properties regularly, to ensure that they are up to the desired standards. Thus it enables them to offer the most suitable properties, each time, matching the requirements and preferences of the customers. Their team is always on the lookout for opportunities to enrich their knowledge about destinations, which they suggest to their clients. From the most exciting activities and comfortable travel options to the wonderful restaurants and shopping places, they hold immense knowledge about each aspect, which clients would love to know to make their travel experience enjoyable.

Why choose My Happy Journey?

My Happy Journey has always been determined to enhance the experience of travelers, with its dedicated and meticulous approach. Working with the most advanced technology, they have been providing their clients with the most desirable holiday planning services.

Whether it is choosing a hotel, transport, selection of meals or leisure activities, everything is well planned and carefully selected by the credible team of more than 25 experts, holding considerable experience in tour and travel industry. They work day and night to serve their customers with the best and nothing less and to make each journey an unforgettable experience. Their extensive network of premium hotels and travel facilities, spread all over the country, enables them to offer the most competitive rates, which are hard to find anywhere else.


My Happy Journey has only one mission and that is to become a dominant share holder in the national hotel and travel market by collaborating with renowned vendors. Owing to this dedicated approach towards continuous growth and improvement, My Happy Journey has been making the dreams of millions of travelers come true.

It is the passion and love for travel the company shares with its clients, which has enabled it to reach the heights it is soaring in today. This company has been able to augment its growth by empowering the customers with its discreet and around the clock service. Today, it has become an all in one solution to all the travel needs of diverse travelers, including:

  • Booking hotels online
  • Planning Weekend getaways
  • Domestic tour packages
  • Honeymoon packages
  • International packages

My happy journey is lead by credible professionals, who keep on continually evolving their strategies and services to match the dynamic and rapidly changing needs of global market. It is through their consistent efforts that in this short time span, My Happy Journey has been able to make a distinct mark in the travel market and has become a prime choice of every traveler.

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