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Bestowed with natural beauty, Yamunotri is situated in Uttar Pradesh. Sited at the altitude of around 3292 meters, it is one of the holy centers of Hindu religion. This place has cool climate all through the year, which makes it highly preferred destinati


October to March- Winter season is quite chilly as the temperature drops down to 0°C. Snowfall is quite common during this season, which makes it a bit difficult to indulge in outdoor activities. However, indoor activities and panoramic views can be enjoyed best in this season. In the month of February, one can also witness the grand celebration of Basant Panchmi and enjoy enriching artistic performances.


April to July - summers of Yamunotri are quite pleasing with the temperature varying from 9°C to 20°C. May and June are the two hottest months here.  Pleasing temperature makes it an ideal time to enjoy sightseeing and other activities in this area.


July to September- Although rainfall is quite scanty at this place, but whatever amount of rain this place receives, it is in this month only and makes the whole atmosphere very rejuvenating.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Freezing cold and snowfall
Freezing cold and snowfall
Weather in Yamunotri during this month is extremely cold. Temperature dips down to subzero level and frost bits are common. Days are tremendously cool while nights are very chilly. Being the coldest month of the year, January brings frequent snowfall, making it difficult to travel and indulge in outdoor activities. This period is not recommended for tourism as the city is not accessible from other parts of the country.
February Freezing cold and snowfall
Freezing cold and snowfall
Weather continues to remain cold, offering excessively cool days and nippy nights. It is hard to see clear skies during this time. Mercury falls below zero level and regular snowfall covers the region, imposing challenges while carrying out outdoor activities. One might not be able to access other parts of the country as the place is cut off due to heavy snowfall.
March Freezing cold
Freezing cold
Temperature begins to rise, but the climate is still very cold. Mercury often scoops down below subzero level, interrupting tourist visits. While the city receives occasional snowfall, there can be some days with clear blue skies accompanied by chilly winds. It is not an ideal time to visit Yamunotri as freezing weather and unbearable chillness hinders outdoor trips and other tourist activities.
April Very cold
Very cold
Mercury rises above zero level, brining relief from excessive cold. Days start to get a bit warmer, accompanied by clear blue skies and sunshine, while nights are still nippy. It is not a good time to visit this place as temperature does not fall under comfortable range. Chilly winds coupled with low temperatures make it challenging to indulge in outdoor activities.
May Very cold
Very cold
Even though the weather in the month of May is cold, it is favorable for tourist visits. Temperature begins to rise, offering bright sunny days. Nights are still cool. The climate is suitable for taking up city expeditions and engaging in outdoor activities. It is one of the best times to explore the natural panorama of the place, which is enhanced by snow-covered lofty peaks and turquoise lakes.
June Moderately cold
Moderately cold
June marks the beginning of official tourist season. Weather continues to get warmer, offering pleasant sunny days and cool nights, making the climate favorable for holidaying. Vacationers can travel across the city and take pleasure in exploring the places of interest. Other adventurous tourist activities, like trekking, mountain climbing and camp sighting, are also easily accessible due to comfortable weather conditions.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Monsoon season arrives in the month of July, bringing intermittent rainfall. Skies are usually cloudy, but there can be many days without rain. It often rains continuously, interrupting outdoor activities and sightseeing. This is not an ideal time to visit this place as harsh weather conditions restrict the holidaymakers from making the most of their trip. For those planning a trip, carrying rain gears is advised.
August Rainy
Intermittent rainfall is experienced in the region, sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms. Weather remains pleasant with temperature falling within comfortable zone. The splendid beauty of the place is at its zenith with lush green peaks and gushing water bodies. It is a good time for holidaying and exploring this vibrant city. Olgia, the festival celebrated here with pomp and vigor, can also be enjoyed during this time.
September Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Mild winters hit the city with the beginning of this month. Days are fairly warm with plenty of sunshine, while temperature dips down after sunset, making nights cold. Chilly winds can be experienced in the region. The climate is still comfortable for taking up holiday packages to this city. Comfortable climatic conditions favor sightseeing and other tourist activities, like camping, mountaineering and trekking.
October Very cold
Very cold
Mercury begins to lower, making the weather cold. While nights can be chilly, temperature during daytime makes the climate suitable for outings and other tourist activities. One can easily travel across the city to explore nearby places of interest. Picturesque views of lofty peaks, glaciers, lush green terrains and gushing water bodies are also enjoyable. When planning a trip here, make sure to carry woolens.
November Freezing cold
Freezing cold
Winter season makes the days cold and nights comparatively colder. Temperature often dips down to subzero levels, accompanied by chilly winds. However, the weather is suitable for vacationing. Comfortable climate during daytime allows the tourists to take pleasure in exploring nearby attractions and indulging in outdoor tourist activities. For those planning a trip here, carrying heavy woolen apparels is advised.
December Freezing cold and snowfall
Freezing cold and snowfall
Temperature falls below comfortable zone, interrupting tourist visits. Mercury level often remains below subzero level. Tremendously cold days are followed by extremely chilly nights. Skies are usually cloudy and the region gets covered with snow as frequent snowfall is dominating. Travelling and other outdoor activities are hindered. Due to these inhospitable weather conditions, this period is not recommended for tourism.

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