West Bengal

West Bengal

Emerging from the turbulent Bay of Bengal, West Bengal extends across the vast Ganges plain.

Unique among Indian states, it is the most densely populated state in India with geography unmatched architecture in the country.

Bengal- grown from mangrove swamps is a sophisticated and friendly state, where theatre and cinema takes a back seat to intellectual and cultural quest. Rightfully called as the “city of joy”, possesses utmost talent. Poets, thinkers and film directors of international prominence, hail from this city.

A major section of tourists is always attracted towards its very long chain of restaurants and malls. It is a perfect choice for shoppers to halt and enjoy the market place like the Treasure Island Market that makes shopping a complete experience. The city is not short of religious sites that are worth visiting, thus life there can be exhilarating as the city observes celebration of various festivals with utmost liveliness.

It has a diverse topography, ranging from the huge and majestic hill-station of Darjeeling  and the swampiest mangroves in the Sundarbans, prowled by royal Bengal tiger in the jungles, while crocodiles swarm the river, joins the landmass of India and are worth visiting.

The narrow central band of the state has some of the best known tombstone of the British Raj such as the ruins of the Gaur empire, the residence of the Governor of Bengal, Victoria Memorial, the city’s landmark, Botanical Gardens, the terracotta temples in Bishnupur and orchid house, welcome tourists, especially those who enjoy photography and want to revive the cultural capital of the country.

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