Weekend Getaways around Hyderabad

Warangal (145 KM)

Warangal is always the one.
Warangal, the former capital of Kakatiya Kingdom flourishing during the period of 12th to 14th century, is currently…

Srisailam (213 KM)

SRISAILAM- A Majestic Hill Town
Situated on the Nallamala hills in Andhra Pradesh, the town of Srisailam was founded on the banks of Krishna…

Vijayawada (272 KM)

Vijayawada fills you up inside Vijaywada stands as the third largest city of the state of Andhra Pradesh and is popular by the name of Bezawada.…

Hampi (369 KM)

HAMPI – The great heritage site
Hampi was once a majestic capital of the leading Vijayanagara Empire, which was constructed by Harihara…

Pattadakal (393 KM)

Pattadakal – A heritage city
Pattadakal is home to several world heritage sites in India. In Kannada, it is also known as Pattadakalu,…

Badami (416 KM)

The royal capital - Badami
Badami, situated in Bagalkot district of Karnataka, was an imperial capital of Chalukyas. During 6th and 8th…

Puttaparthi (442 KM)

Weekend getways of The holy land of Puttaparthi

The region of Puttaparthi, which is nestled in the state Andhra Pradesh, is…

Nagpur (499 KM)

Nagpur stands second on the list of the busiest cities of Maharashtra and is known as the orange city, due to the fact that oranges are produced…

Tirupati (554 KM)

 Weekend Getaways Temple town of Andhra Pradesh - Tirupati

Tirupati is renowned for the holy pilgrim and is known as temple…

Panchgani (565 KM)

Another popular hill station of Maharashtra, this majestic city is located at the height of 1,334 Mt. Panchgani literally means the place with…

Bangalore (569 KM)

Bangalore - the city that has it all
The city of Bangalore or Bangalore lives up to its many sobriquets - Garden City, Silicon Valley of…

Shirdi (593 KM)

Content Coming Soon

Khandala (603 KM)

A popular hill station of Maharashtra, it mesmerizes tourists with its impressive scenery, gleaming valleys, appealing lakes and bravura cascades.…

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The royal city of Hyderabad is sure to mesmerize you with its majestic structures, lush ambiance and peaceful environs. Making your experience more interesting are the top weekend getaways near Hyderabad, which assure an unforgettable trip for every traveler.

Reflecting the ancient glory and legacy of bygone eras, Kurnool boasts of innumerable sites worth visiting for every history lover. Located 213 km away from Hyderabad, every sight of this amazing city beholds an incomparable charm, from sacred temples to majestic monuments. For nature lovers, there are beautiful gardens and a wildlife sanctuary to catch sights of various species of animals and birds.

A picturesque town located on Krishna River's bank, offers an exciting place to spend your weekend. Just 213 km away from Hyderabad is located this hill town, which is famous for its natural beauty the most. Besides this, there are ancient temples, a dam, and wildlife sanctuary with an incredible variety of flora and fauna, to offer an unforgettable experience.

Take a journey to the ancient era by visiting majestic monuments and historical sites of Warangal. This popular getaway located around 183 km away from Hyderabad is famous as the center of cultural and economical development. Whether you are a nature lover or history buff, you have plenty of entertainment options available here, like ancient temples, exquisite lakes, lush gardens and wildlife sanctuaries.

Surrounded by azure rivers and majestic hills and located around 270 km away, Vijayawada is one of the top weekend getaways near Hyderabad and offers plenty of sightseeing options to make your weekend unforgettable. Scenic marvels of Vijayawada, combined with the majesty of historical caves and forts, offer a perfect blend of nature and history.

Boasting a splendid past, spanning over centuries, Bidar holds special significance among people having interest in history. Ruled by the kings of different dynasties, this historical place is dominated by huge forts, mosques and palaces. If you want to turn your weekend getaway into an enriching experience, then take a trip to this hub of learning, culture and politics, located 135 km away from Hyderabad.

Located 140 km away from Hyderabad is the highly revered heritage site of Buddhists, Nagarjunakonda. Here you can view the relics of ancient stupas, monasteries, temples, cemetery and a university. This archaeological wonder and one of the top weekend getaways near Hyderabad, is situated close to Nagarjuna Sagar dam and offers a rare glimpse of the incredible craftsmanship of bygone eras, present her in the form of wonderfully crafted sculptures and amazing artifacts.

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