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Warangal is a city that lies in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This city attracts tourists because of its historical importance. Nature lovers can enjoy different attractions that are present in the city.

Every month experiences huge rush of tourists as the weather remains pleasant throughout the year but the best time to visit the city of Warangal is from the month of October till the month of March. Different festive celebrations are witnessed during these months. The monsoon season brings along with it heavy showers and strong winds that makes it an ideal time for planning the trip. Rain lovers consider this as a perfect time for making a visit. Due to rainfall, the city looks more beautiful. Weather of the months that lie in the summer season is hot and humid but different attractions that the city has to offer can still be enjoyed with one's family and friends. Winter season offers pleasant weather making it the most preferred time for planning vacations. Weather that a person likes the most would be the best weather to plan the trip.


December to February- The winter season experiences pleasant weather with the temperature ranging between 13°C to 32°C. Different outdoor activities can be enjoyed during this time and the city experiences maximum rush of tourists in this season.


March to May- The months of summer season brings in humidity along with the hot weather. Maximum temperature during this time can reach as high as 40°C while the minimum remains 20°C.


June to September- Heavy monsoon showers along with strong winds are the signs of monsoon season. The city looks very beautiful with the greenery at its peak due to presence of rain. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the city during this time.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Weather in the month of January remains moderately cold with the maximum temperature reaching 24°C. People who have interest in architecture or ancient history can visit Warangal in this month to explore the city and other towns that lies in its vicinity. A visit to the Warangal Fort can also be planned to have a view of this old fort.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
With the weather remaining comfortably cold, visit to different temples such as Bhadrakali Temple, Padmakshi Temple and many such ancient places can be planned. These temples houses different Goddess as their main deity whose blessings can be sought by visiting them. The famous Thousand Pillared Temple is a delight for the tourists as it is beautifully carved and is in the shape of a star.
March Pleasant
Onset of the summer season is marked with the beginning of this month. Weather during the day remains comfortably hot followed by pleasant evenings. Different indoor and outdoor activities can be enjoyed by the tourists. A visit to the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary which conserves different trees can be a marvelous experience for the visitors who are in love with nature.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month brings along with it hot and humid climate. In the month of April, tourists can enjoy visiting the Pakhal Lake that is artificially created. This lake is surrounded by hilly terrains and dense forests. An attraction that increases the beauty of this lake is the Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy their trip to this sanctuary.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Light pre monsoon showers are experienced in this month which brings down the temperature. Tourists can enjoy shopping as different fairs and exhibitions are held around this time. Light cotton clothes are generally preferred by the tourists. Different attractions that are offered by the city can be enjoyed by the tourists and they can also visit different sightseeing spots.
June Rainy
Month of June marks the beginning of monsoon season. Heavy monsoon showers lash the city and are associated with strong winds. Increase in the humidity level is observed around this time. Rain lovers can plan their trip in this month as the region looks more beautiful during rains. The lush greenery of the town can be enjoyed during this time.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Rains continue in this month also and a dip in the temperature is observed. Weather becomes pleasant making it a good time to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Warangal. A trip to the Kakatiya Musical Garden and the Kakatiya Rock Garden can be planned during this time. Evenings can be spent in a wonderful way by visiting these gardens.
August Rainy
People who love adventure can plan their trip in the month of August as Warangal offers different adventure activities that can be enjoyed by the tourists. Visitors can visit different sightseeing spots and can indulge in shopping. Different types of discounts are offered by hotels and resorts to attract tourist as this month is regarded as an off season.
September Rainy
Occasional rainfalls are observed in this month. Rain lovers can plan a trip with their friends in this month to enjoy the cool climate and the natural beauty that this place has to offer. Carrying of rain gear is generally preferred by the tourists to protect themselves from the rains and to enjoy the trip to the maximum.
October Pleasant
Post the monsoon season Warangal looks dazzling as the surrounding are washed out after the rains. Rivers that pass through the city are full during this time and look very beautiful. Dusshera being one of the important festivals is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. Local residents organize fairs to attract visitors. Tourists can also join in the celebrations and enjoy themselves.
November Pleasant
An important festival that lies in this month is the festival of lights which is Diwali. Whole city of Warangal is lit up and people participate in the celebrations. Weather in this month remains pleasant and children can enjoy themselves by getting engaged in different outdoor sports. Light woolen clothes are preferred by the tourists to enjoy their trip.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
With the beginning of the month of December, beginning of winter season is also marked. With the maximum temperature remaining close to 24°C and the minimum remaining 16°C, this month is the most preferred time for planning a vacation. Maximum number of visitors flock the city during this time as this month marks the official beginning of the tourist season.

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