Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh


State: Uttar Pradesh
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Coordinates: 27.578199 77.698097
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Vrindavan- the seat of Lord Krishna

Vrindavan is a small town of utmost significance for the believers and followers of Hindu religion, as it is regarded as the place where Lord Krishna spent a major part of his childhood. It is situated near the banks of Yamuna River. What comes as a surprising fact is that Vrindavan houses nearly 5000 temples in its heart and is one of the major pilgrimage centers for the Hindu community.

Out of the many treasured places and temples present across Vrindavan some were considered to be lost. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu rediscovered these lost places having links with Krishna, during the visit of a saint in the town who was in search of these places. The saint travelled all across the place and with the help of his spiritual powers was able to locate these lost treasures. All Hindu saints make sure that they visit the holy land of Vrindavan at least once in their lifetime.

Almost all the temples housed in Vrindavan are ancient and some of them were destroyed by Mughal Rulers mainly Aurangzeb. Many of the temples still stand strong to speak about the chapters of the life of Lord Krishna. The most sacred and visited temples here include Banke Bihari Temple, Govind Deo temple, Rangji Temple and Madan Mohan temple. ISKCON temple was constructed recently and the main worshippers of ISKCON temple include foreign tourists who visit the land of Vrindavan seeking inner peace and enlightenment.

A few temples, like Radha Gokulnanda Temple and Shree Radha Ras Bihari Ashta Sakshi temple, have been dedicated to Radha as well, who was Lord Krishna’s consort.

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