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Humidity 94% Wind 4 kph (Direction: ESE)

Situated on the banks of river Krishna in south, Budameru in north, Bay of Bengal in east and Indrakeeladri Mountain in west, the city experiences tropical climatic conditions.

This place attracts lots of tourists, though the city has a tropical climate with hot summers, moderate monsoons and pleasant winters the best months to visit Vijayawada are from October to March. These months have most pleasant weather with temperatures within bearable zones. This period observes festivity of various important festivals such as the Deccan festival, Lumbini festival, Dusserrah and Diwali, which are celebrated with grandeur during these months. Summers in Vijayawada are hot with temperature between 20°C to 47°C, however the time is suitable for an ideal tourism. Winters here begin in the month of October and are mild with temperatures from 10°C to 30°C. The area receives heavy downpour because of the south-west monsoon and north-east monsoon during June to October and is perfect for nature enthusiast to spend a wonderful holiday.


Winters –December – February –December to February are the months that have winters at its peak, with temperature between 10° C to 30° C. The place becomes amazing and attracts a number of tourists to plan an ideal vacation in Vijayawada.


Summers – April – June –summers are hot and humid. Temperature throughout this season ranges from a minimum 20° C to a maximum 47° C.  You can enjoy travelling and sightseeing in these months, but make sure you wear light cotton clothes to avoid heat and sweat.



Monsoon –July –October –Vijayawada experiences heavy monsoon showers throughout these months. Tourists who love monsoons can come to this place during this time as the natural vista, is at its peak.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
The weather during this month is pleasant accompanied with warm sunrays, warming up the surroundings whereas nights are cold. The temperature is within bearable zone as most of the days have clear blue sky. This period is ideal for exploring the local handicrafts, market and visiting the authentic temples.
February Pleasant
February has beautiful days with blue and cloudless skies. The temperature continues to rise towards the end of the month thus making days and nights are comparatively warmer and cozy. This month is a good time to explore various attractions of the place. Carrying light woolens is must as nights can be cold at times.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
March is the month when summers begin to mark their presence. Temperatures start to rise but still in moderate hot zone. The weather is inviting and maximum days you will have clear sky. March allows tourists to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities. This is one of the best months to plan a visit to Vijayawada before the scorching summer's heat up the city.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
This month has summers at its peak. The weather becomes too hot because of the bright sun rays and temperature reaches up to 41 degree Celsius, thanks to the cool breeze in the evening that balances the overall heat in the environs and makes weather suitable to walk around. If planning for a visit in this month, make sure that you carry sun gears.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
The weather is extremely hot, which goes beyond the comfortable zone. Oppressive heat during this time may even cause sunstroke, thus opting for local transport to roam within the city can save you from the tiring journey and sweat. Also outdoor activities are minimal at this point of time but you can still enjoy its prime attractions like mosques, temples, caves and islands.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
June has hot weather conditions in the initial days of this month. With sunny days the nights to turn out to be quite unpleasant, but the monsoon showers that occur from the mid-June gives relief from the scorching summers. In this period sky is partially covered with clouds and slight cool breeze can make your trip memorable.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
This month witnesses intense to restrained monsoon showers and is accompanied with increase in humidity. In fact, half of the days of July month have overcast skies, which invite tourists to come and enjoy the beauty of its natural vista, drenched in rain. Those who enjoy monsoon effect can have the best holidays at Vijayawada, besides it is a good idea to carry proper rain wear while visiting in rainy season.
August Rainy
The rains continue to douse the city. You can expect continuous downpour, falling on most of the days whereas half of the days of August have cloudy skies and slight sunrays that fairly warm the weather. Make sure you carry rain gear to avoid sudden rainfall.
September Rainy
September receives maximum rainfall thus making the weather moist and humid. Most of the time, the sky is covered with clouds and light drizzle continue to wet the city. You may not be able to enjoy outdoor activities but relaxing in its peaceful environs and the tranquil view of the city is worth enjoying.
October Pleasant
October is the time, when monsoons completely fade away thus weather becomes relatively pleasant during this month. Temperature settles down to a comforting range. This month offers tourists to roam around the city and enjoy its wide variety of sweet delicacies, beautiful springs and numerous sites offering little to no natural interruption.
November Pleasant
The weather becomes pleasing and offers several sites to which tourists can visit like the famous Kanka Durga temple, Mangalagiri, Amareswara and Gunadala Matha Shrin. The cool breezes and the lowering temperature stabilize overall weather and make nights comparatively cooler than days. It is one of the best months for travelling to Vijayawada.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December is the month that experiences winters with warm sunny days accompanied with light cool winds. Temperature is expected to drop down to cold zone thus making nights much cold. This month enjoys high influx of tourists, planning to holiday at Vijayawada and visiting the attractions. You need to carry some light woolen clothes to avoid the intensifying cold.

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