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Located in the Udupi region of Karnataka, the city of Udupi is one of the fascinating places to spend a tranquil retreat. The city offers tourists a superfluity of attractions and places to visit. Spaced out from this, the pleasant climate makes it one of

Udupi experiences hot summers and pleasant winters. In summer the maximum temperature goes up to 40 degrees Celsius while in the winters it goes down till 14 degree Celsius. Monsoon season extends from June to September, and it is accompanied by the heavy winds in southwest and northeast directions. The ideal time to make a visit to this place is the festival time as all the festivals here are celebrated with much religious fervour. Ramnavmi, which is celebrated in the month of March is surely the best time to see the spiritual enthusiasm here. Apart from this some other festivals which are celebrated in Udupi with head passion and merriment are Shivarathri (February), Holy (February-March) and Dussehra (October) Best season to visit here is from October to March


December to February- The temperature falls down to 10degree Celsius here, in this season. The days are quite warm, but nights are a bit colder. It is generally the time which is generally preferred by the visitors.


March to May- Summer is quite scorching as temperature goes as high as 40 degree Celsius. The days are bright, sizzling and hot while the nights are comparatively colder and amiable.


June- September–It is the when medium to heavy rainfall is accompanied with both southwest and northeast windstorms douse the city with all their ferocity. Udupi receives around 4000 mm of the normal yearly rainfall and the landscape fully clad up in fresh greenness looks extremely alluring during the rainy season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The weather at this time is a bit cold, but bearable. The evenings and early mornings are quite chilly. But day time is really a good for travelling, sightseeing and exploring various facets of this place, it is this time of year only when you can really enjoy the real beauty of Udupi.
February Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The best month to visit to this place, the weather during this time is cold and quite pleasant. During the daytime, sky is quite clear and soothing winds surely make the whole experience quite comfortable for the visitors. It is undoubtedly the best time for you to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The climate at this time of the year is moderately warm but really very pleasing, it is just ideal for the vacations. The clear sky and cool breezes maintain the temperature quite well. It is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy the outdoor activities at the fullest.
April Moderately hot
Moderately hot
The weather in this month’s is mildly warm, but the cool winds make it quite pleasant. Days at this time of the year are sunny while the nights are mild. The moderate weather helps you enjoy the beauty of this area to its fullest.
May Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Although this month also experiences the heat of scorching summers, but occasional rains surely make the days more pleasant with cool refreshing air. This is not a really recommended month for travelling to Udupi, as the weather is bit unpredictable.
June rainy
It is the time of the year when monsoon starts and it dampens the whole place. Although Udupi looks charming during rains, it is not an ideal month for sightseeing and outdoor activities. The added advantage of planning a trip in this month of the year is that hotels and tour packages are available at lower rates.
Month Climate Details
July rainy
In this month Udupi gets a maximum of its rainfall, thus this month is quite cold and wet. Udupi looks serene in monsoon though it is not a recommended month to plan your trip, as rain can ruin all your plans of going out. However, as it is an off season, you can easily get good deals on hotels and packages.
August rainy
The month of August is the month of heavy rainfall, and is not an ideal month to plan a visit. But if you like the monsoon effect and enjoy rains, then you can surely plan a visit in this month. It is the time when you can enjoy a holiday in your resort only, playing indoor games, or admiring the real beauty of nature.
September rainy
It is the time of the year when this place receives heavy showers, which makes weather misty and cool. The place looks best at this time, but surely is not an ideal time to move around comfortably. It is an ideal choice for the rain lovers and the nature enthusiasts.
October Pleasant
The pleasant weather in this month premieres the tourist season. The heavy rainfall is no longer left, and thus it is an ideal time to go for sightseeing and outdoor trips. Occasional rainfalls do occur at this time but this does not hinder much in tourist activities.
November Pleasant
It is the pleasant and comfortable weather conditions of November month, which invite travelers to this place in this month. Undoubtedly one of the best months to plan a visit to Udupi, it has a large number of things to offer.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
This is the month when the weather is moderately cold and thus an ideal choice of the travellers. The temperature is quite cold in the evenings and mornings, while the days are quite pleasing. It is the right time to take pleasure of scenic beauty of this area. Carrying woolens is the most important thing if you are planning your trip in this month.

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