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Partly Cloudy
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The climate in Trivandrum remains hot and humid throughout the year. The amount of humidity witnessed in Trivandrum is very high. The period from October to February is considered favorable to visit Trivandrum.

The climate of Trivandrum remains humid throughout the year. However, the most favorable months for visit are from October to February. The temperature during this time remains pleasant. This is the time when one can enjoy various activities like sightseeing and water sports. The months from March to May are the summer months. The climate remains hot and the level of humidity in the atmosphere is high. These months are not good for tourist visits, as they can feel comfortable in such climatic condition. The monsoon months are from June to September. The period experiences heavy rainfall. Rain lovers can visit Trivandrum this month as they will get a chance to witness the scenic beauty of Trivandrum. Summarizing this we can say that the climatic condition during summer and monsoon is not so good to visit this coastal area. But the winters are favorable. The months from October to February are good for touring through Trivandrum.


The period from December to February is the winter season in Trivandrum. It is considered as the right time for all tourist activities in Trivandrum during this period.


The summer season in Trivandrum is witnessed from March to May. The summers are hot and humid. It is advisable to avoid visiting Trivandrum during this season.


The monsoon months are from June to September. The tourists generally do not plan to go during this season. However, the rains make the place very beautiful. One can enjoy the scenic beauties of Trivandrum in this season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Month of January offers a cool atmosphere. The days are sunny with bearable temperature. This is the right time for sightseeing and enjoying water sports. Sunbathing and swimming are also possible in this month. It is a good time for the tourists to visit Trivandrum as one can have great fun visiting this month.
February Pleasant
The weather remains pleasant all through the day as well as the night. Nights are considered cooler than the days. Maximum days of this month witness bright and beautiful sunshine. This is the most favorable month to visit Trivandrum. The activities like sightseeing, swimming and sunbathing can be enjoyed in this month.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Temperature soars up in this month but the climate remains bearable. The sky remains blue all through the month. The level of humidity in the atmosphere rises. But it continues to be good time for beach activities and sightseeing. The tourists should avoid visiting this place because of the humidity, as it makes travel a bit difficult in this month.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The weather condition remains hot, the days are warm and the humidity continues. The sky remains clear throughout the day. The heat of this month is penetrating. So, if you plan to visit this month adequate care like sun protection creams and cotton clothes should be carried. This is not so good a month to visit.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
This being a summer month climate remains hot. The shortage of rainfall leads to increase in humidity, which makes travelling uncomfortable. This month is not favorable for tourists to go to Trivandrum. If anybody intends to go he should take preventive measures like cotton clothes and sun protection creams.
June Rainy
The south-west monsoon sets in by this month, as a result Trivandrum witness’s bulk of rain. Rainfall is a common feature of most days in this month. The temperature comes down but the humidity increases. This is not a good time to visit but rain lovers can enjoy the scenic beauty of Trivandrum.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The month of July is related with bulk of rainfall. The month of July witnesses lots of rains and a high level of humidity. This month is considered as the wettest of all the months of the year. This is the month in which the rain falls in abundance. It is not a favorable month for tourist visits.
August Rainy
The monsoon continues, but this month does not witness heavy rain falls. The amount of rainfall is less as compared to the previous months. The humidity remains high but the temperature falls down, resulting in some kind of relief. Rain lovers can visit Trivandrum in this month. The auspicious Onam festival is celebrated in this month.
September Pleasant
This month does not witness heavy rainfall but mediocre type of rainfall is experienced. The humidity remains prevalent which makes it a little uncomfortable. However the temperature falls and the weather becomes pleasant. It is advisable not to visit Trivandrum in this month as the humid conditions make the sojourn uncomfortable.
October Pleasant
The climate remains pleasant in this month. The end of this month witnesses rainfall on account of the north-east monsoons. The ayurvedic treatment in Trivandrum should be taken in this month, along with this one can perform local sighting. It is a favorable time to visit Trivandrum.
November Pleasant
The weather is very pleasant. This is the time favorable for all types of tourist activities. Visitors can enjoy sightseeing and water sports. Sometimes rainfall occurs but it does not show its existence up to the end of the month. This is a very good month for tourist visits.
December Pleasant
This month the weather remains pleasant and cozy. The days witness beautiful sunshine. One can enjoy activities like sightseeing, leisure activities, and water sports. The beach side is also enjoyable in this month. This is a favorable month as far as the tourist visits are concerned. So, tourists should plan their visit in this month.

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