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Thekkady located in Idukki region of Kerala, has moderate weather conditions, which makes it perfect to witness and film wildlife.

A testimony to Kerala’s natural vegetation and wildlife reserve, Thekkady is located at the expanse of Periyar Lake, thus enjoying a pleasant and at times sultry climate all through the year. However, months from November to March are considered to be the perfect months for spending an ideal retreat at Thekkady. For those who wish to plan their vacation in summers, the probability of spotting animals and birds, during this season is far better than monsoons as the region witness heavy rainfall and landslides so outdoor activities including jungle safari are restricted however this season is considered ideal for ayurvedic cures. Winters here are the most favorable among tourists as the weather is cool and tranquil and perfect for taking up adventure sports. Also this period is renowned for its festivity which is a delight for tourists.


Winters –October –February – winters in Thekkady are quite cold but ideal for enjoying outdoor activities. Temperature is below 15°C; however this is ideal for holidaying with family.


Summers – March – May –temperature in this season is around 36°C, which makes travelling bit tiring, so make sure you carry sun gears with you during your trip, in this season.


Monsoon –June– September–Thekkady receives heavy rainfall and at times unexpected landslides. For nature enthusiast this month is the best to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the hills

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
January has cold and pleasant weather conditions. Days are soothingly warm as the bright sunrays make it favorable for outings and sightseeing whereas the nights are relatively cold. Misty valleys of Thekkady lure tourists all round this season. Along with this the beautiful migratory birds and its lush greenery can be spotted, in this month. It is recommended that you carry light woolens, during your trip.
February Pleasant
This month has soothing climate followed with cool breeze February invites huge influx of tourists. Temperature during this month is lowered making the days warm while nights are cool. This month is perfect for outdoor plans like visiting Kolukkumalai tea estates and indulging in activities like trekking, boating, cycling and elephant rides can be fun with friends and family.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Most days of this month witness warm sunlit days and pleasant nights. Temperature during this time is expected to rise thus making the region more favorable for tourism at Thekkady. Tourists can head out for exciting activities like rock climbing, jeep safari as well as rappelling and a visit to Magala temple can be enjoyed. Moreover, the town is a collection of several national park including Rajamalai Park and the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Summers begin to set in with the beginning of this month. You can experience the increased temperature which makes journey tiring, therefore it is recommended to carry light cotton clothes and apply sun tan lotions in this season. April invites the wildlife enthusiast to enjoy the remarkable wildlife and spend an ideal holiday at Thekkady.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
May is known to have the summers at its peak. All through this month the temperature begins to uplifts reaching around 32? C. This period being an off season because of the scorching summers the tourism packages and hotel rates are lowered, so for those who wish to plan a visit to Thekkady this month offers affordable trip and exciting wildlife tours. For tourists who enjoy exciting sports adventure trekking can be a great option.
June Rainy
June is the month which brings in relief from the sweltering summers. As monsoon hits the region, the temperature is expected to lower down but within comforting cold level. Most days of this month witness heavy downpour thus making the days and night cold but enjoyable. On a plus side, for nature enthusiast, this is a perfect holiday destination as this sanctuary looks amiable drenched in rains.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July is the month when monsoon showers completely drench the region. This period is also tagged as the wettest month of the year. However, the outdoor activities are not suggested but the panoramic view of the place and its calm and serene environs provide utmost charm to Thekkady’s Mother Nature. Please ensure that you carry necessary rain gears while you plan a trip.
August Rainy
This month has moderate to heavy showers thus increasing the level of humidity. Most days of this month have black cloudy sky and cool breeze which lowers the temperature. Moreover, for couples on honeymoon this is the best month to plan a trip as the Thekkady tourism packages are worth buying to enjoy an affordable holiday.
September Rainy
September lowers the rate of monsoon showers thus providing relief from the moist weather. With this spring season is on set, thus the picture perfect beauty of the place is spell bounding. Also the temperature lowers down and offers a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoor activities and the greenery of the place after begin washed away.
October Pleasant
October sees maximum score of tourists visiting the region. Days are warm and bright sunshine charms the whole region. This month is ever inviting, tourists can enjoy visiting the sights of attractions like the wildlife, bird sanctuary and also take up exciting activities like trekking, cycling, boating, rock climbing etc. For those who wish to plan a visit to Thekkady this is a perfect month to hop in for an idyllic holidays.
November Pleasant
November has pleasant weather conditions with warm days and cool nights, so this month is perfect for tourism at Thekkady. You can enjoy the clear blue skies which offer perfect conditions for sightseeing also you can opt for elephant rides and boating which are great activities that can be enjoyed with friends and family. Also the region observes the festivity of major festival that is celebrated, in this season.
December Pleasant
Weather in this month is cold and comforting. With temperature lowering down the climate becomes much more inviting and suitable for planning up vacations at Thekkady. The region charms with copious greenery and activities like bird watching and boat rides are enjoyable. Tourists can take up honeymoon packages and have the best holidays at Thekkady.

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