Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, lying in the southernmost tip of Indian peninsula is a fascinating tourist destination with its sun-soaked beaches, magnificent hills, and ancient Dravidian culture. The state draws a large number of tourists and pilgrims due to its archaic, intricately carved temples.


Tamil Nadu is a land of mesmerizing scenic beauty and tourist attractions. The state is adorned with exotic beaches, popular hill stations, sparkling backwaters, sizzling panorama of wildlife and marvelous temples. The state of Tamil Nadu shares its boundary with the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The state boasts of being the second largest tourist industry in the country. Tamil Nadu has several places of interest for tourists and travelers. In terms of volume and revenue, Tamil Nadu ranks in the second place in the tourist map of India.


Demography of Tamil Nadu


The demographical location of Tamil Nadu on the coastline of Bay of Bengal is blessed with pristine and glittering sand beaches. The beaches are major attractions due to its scenic and serene ambience. The sun kissed beaches display a prefect blend of emerald sea, silvery sands and coconut groove fringed bays. These beaches are the perfect destination for all those who want to spend their holiday vacations amidst the strewn magnetism of nature.


Diverse culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu


The state of Tamil Nadu has diverse and rich culture that attracts a huge flock of tourists who come to experience the rich South Indian culture and heritage. India is country with diverse culture and heritage, and those in the South are completely different from what could be experienced in the North. Tamil Nadu tourism offers tourists and visitors the opportunity to experience and enjoy the unique culture and life of South India


Beaches in Tamil Nadu


The enchanting beauty of these beaches makes it an ideal place for tourists who come to spend their beach holidays. Some of the most popular beaches of Tamil Nadu include:

Marina, which is among the longest beaches all over Asia. It stretches 12 kilometers and is famous for its golden and crystal clear and blue sea. This beach is most ideal for wind surfing. Cavelong is quite famous for its wide range of water sports activities, such as wind surfing, catamaran cruising, and sun bathing. Rameshwaram is a wonderful beach renowned for its diverse aquatic life, sun bathing, surfing and the famous Ramanathaswamy temple.


Tamil Nadu is home to some of the popular national parks and wildlife reserves that have diverse assortment of flora and fauna, and scenic views. These wildlife reserves are ideal places to take a glimpse of the wilderness. The famous wildlife reserves of the state include Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Vedanthangal Birds sanctuary, Marine National park, and Mukurthi National park.


Popular temples of Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu is a land of amazing temples, whose architectural magnificence enthralls tourists coming from all over the world. These temples reflect the ancient glorious past through its intricate carvings, architecture and preserved heritage. Pillared corridors, huge entryways, Gopurams are some of the common features of these temples. Some of the famous temples that are well known all across the globe, include the Meenakshi

Temple, which is known for its intricate rock carvings and paintings in different shades that make it look quite appealing. This temple situated along the river bank of Vaigai River is dedicated to lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

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