Sundarbans, West Bengal


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The literal meaning of the words Sundarbans is beautiful forests. Sundarbans is a shared zone of forests between India and Bangladesh. The beauty of the lush green and natural views is very popular amongst travelling enthusiasts and photographers. It is the biggest forests of mangrove across the globe and is a true treasure for the world of biodiversity. UNESCO has declared Sundarbans as the “World Heritage Site”. The area of the forest that falls under the boundaries of India is named as Sundarbans National Park and lies in the South 24 Parganas district of the state of West Bengal. The Sundarbans spans over an area of about 38,500 sq. Km and nearly one third of this area is covered under water or marshy areas. Since the year 1966, Sundarbans has been a host to a wildlife sanctuary and according to the estimates of experts, there are about 400 Royal Bengal tigers and roughly 30,000 spotted deer in the area.

This place is a true paradise and a gift of nature for the forest adventure lovers and photographers who want to capture its natural beauty in their camera lens. The forest is enriched with plenty of trees called Sundari Trees and a few people believe that Sundarbans got their name from the name of Sunderi trees. Sundarbans is the perfect place to be if you want to explore the wildest form of nature and must not be missed by you. For a glimpse of never seen before views, undertake the wild journey of Sundarbans and create a once in a lifetime experience.

Sundarbans is surrounded by some of the best natural views including meandering rivers, springs, beautiful estuaries and creeks. One of the most popular species nurtured here include the Royal Bengal Tigers, amongst other wildlife animals. The majestic Royal Bengal Tiger remains the king of the Sundarbans forest and continues to live like cunning, merciless and an ultimate creature. Other wildlife animals found in the Sundarbans include Jungle Fowl, Giant Lizards, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Crocodiles and many more exotic species that most people await to have a close encounter with all their life.

In some seasons a major attraction here is the migratory group of Siberian Ducks. These ducks can be found sailing in the beautiful waters of Sundarbans along with the boats carrying Timber, Fuel, Wood, Honey, Fish and Shells. This makes the overall view of the Sundarbans a complete paradise.

A major tourist attraction is the Hiron Point or the famous Nilkamal. It is the ideal place to get a glare of the wild animals and natural views. Another place where wind animals are found in abundance roaming freely is Katka. Katka is the best place for keen bird watchers. Adventure freaks can indulge in activities, like wild trekking in the lush green valleys beginning from Katka and ending towards the tiger point in Kachikhali. The Tin Kona Island is famous for Deer and Wild Tigers whereas Dublar Char Island is famous among fishermen. It is a charming island and flocks of Spotted Deer are very often seen here roaming freely and having a great time together. The Sundarbans is an ideal place for family holidays with the intention of just walking around and resting, while having a good time together with your loved ones. Sundarbans offers delightful views of the nature to mesmerize your senses.

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