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This is an island that is formed by the division of river Cauvery. Weather throughout the year remains good therefore a visit can be planned during any month of the year.

The city of Srirangapatna can be visited throughout the year but the best time to visit it is during the month of September till the month of March. People who prefer warm weather should plan their visit during the summer season. In the months that lies in this season different tourist activities can be enjoyed. The summer season also offers different types of attractions. Tourists who love cool breeze should visit the city during winter season. This season offers cold climate during the day time while the nights experience chilling cold. Different festivals are celebrated in this season. Monsoon season should be the season of choice for rain lovers. Srirangapatna experiences very less amount of rainfall therefore the scenic view of the place can be enjoyed in this season. Therefore before planning your trip choose the season that you like the most.


November to February- Temperature during this season varies between 15°C to 32°C and the weather remains pleasant. This season is regarded as an ideal time for visiting the city as various outdoor activities can be enjoyed during this time.


April to June- The summer season offers warm weather with the maximum temperature being 37°C while the minimum remains 20°C. Tourists prefer to visit during this season to enjoy different festivals.


July to September- The monsoon season offers light rainfall. Rain lovers can enjoy their trip during this season and explore the city. Sightseeing with one’s family can be enjoyed in this season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
The weather in the month of January remains pleasant with the sky remaining clear for most part of the month. Tourists can visit different tourist attractions that this city has to offer like the Gumbaz Burial Chamber which is the Tipu sultan tomb or the Dariya Daulat Bagh whose paintings can leave the visitor facinated. Children can play different indoor and outdoor games.
February Pleasant
An increase in the temperature is observed during the month of February but the weather still remains pleasant. This is an ideal month for exploring the town and the places that lie in its vicinity. Different sightseeing spots can be visited along with the family members or friends. Lights cotton clothes are preferred by the tourists in this month.
March Pleasant
Different picnic spots can be visited as the month of March experiences pleasant climate. Beauty of the place with river flowing through it can leave anybody spellbound. A visit to the famous fort can also be planned around this time. This month is ideal for indulging in different outdoor sports. The festival of colors which is Holi is celebrated during this time.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Month of April marks the beginning of the summer season. Weather remains moderately hot throughout the month with the maximum temperature sometimes reaching as high as 37°C. Less tourist rush is seen around this time therefore people can enjoy the serenity of the place during this month. As the temperature still lies in the comfortable zone this month is favorable for exploring the city.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Moderately hot weather is experienced in this month. The famous Buddha Poornima festival is celebrated in the month of May and local residents celebrate this festival with huge pomp and show. Tourists can also become part of the celebrations and enjoy themselves. Along with these celebrations, different outdoor activities can also be enjoyed by the visitors.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Weather in the month of June is hot therefore visiting different waterfalls that lie in and around the town can be a good idea. A visit to the Shivanasamudra Fall which is regarded as the second biggest waterfall in India can be planned in this month. People who love being outdoor can visit Srirangapatna as this city has lot to offer.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
With the beginning of the month of July, the onset of monsoon season is marked. Less amount of rainfall is observed in this season in Srirangapatna. People who enjoy rains can plan their visit to the city during this month. July also marks the beginning of the nesting season of water birds. Nature lovers prefer this month to enjoy the beauty of the place.
August Rainy
With the beginning of the month of August, dip in temperature is observed due to presence of monsoon showers that hit the city at regular intervals. An increase the level of humidity in the atmosphere is observed because of the presence of rains. Bird lovers can enjoy watching birds during this season. Carrying of rain gear is always beneficial in the rainy season.
September Pleasant
The month of September marks the beginning of the tourist season. Due to the pleasant weather, different sightseeing spots can be explored in this month. A visit to the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple can be made by the tourists. Bird lovers can enjoy watching different species of birds such as Painted Stroke, Open Billed Stroke and many more in this pleasant weather.
October Pleasant
The month of October offers pleasant weather with clear sky, making it an ideal time for planning a vacation. The festival of Dussehra is celebrated in this month with much gaiety. This is one of the important festivals that are celebrated here. Tourists can enjoy the various fairs that are organized by the local residents.
November Pleasant
This month marks the beginning of the winter season and a gradual drop in the temperature is observed. Children can get involve in different types of indoor and outdoor activities. Warm clothes should be used to enjoy the trip to the maximum without falling ill. A visit to different historical places can give immense pleasure to the people who have interest in history.
December Pleasant
The temperature in the month of December may sometimes dip to a low of 16°C making the weather pleasant for carrying out different activities. It is also regarded as the best time for watching the migratory birds. This month offers various attractions that attract tourists toward the city. Different hotels and resorts give special discount on holiday packages.

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