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Partly Cloudy
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Sringeri is a holy town that is located in South India. The famous Sri Sarada Samsthanam Monastery is located in this city. With the presence of large number of temples Sringeri is named as pilgrim town.

Sringeri offers pleasant weather throughout the year but the best time to visit this city is from the month of August till the month of December. These months offer different tourist attractions such as exhibitions that are organized by the local residents and various festive celebrations. Summer season offers pleasant weather and the months that fall in this season are good for enjoying different outdoor activities and for exploring the town that lie in the vicinity. Winter season brings in cool temperature making the season ideal for sightseeing and visiting different temples while the monsoon season is marked with the presence of heavy rainfall. Rain lovers and nature lovers can enjoy these months as the scenic beauty of the city is at its maximum. Choosing the season that you love the most will be the best season for making a visit to Sringeri. So choose a season and pack your bags to visit Sringeri.


December to February- With the temperature ranging from 16°C to 20°C, the winter season offers cool climate. This is the best season for visiting various sightseeing spots and to explore the city.


March to May- The maximum temperature during this season can reach as high as 32°C. This season is ideal for visiting different temples that lie in the vicinity, for seeking the Lord’s blessing.


June to September- Heavy rainfall lash the region marking the onset of the monsoon season. The landscape of the city looks very beautiful with the lush greenery enhancing the beauty of the region.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The month of January experiences moderately cold weather with the climate during the day remaining warm followed by cool nights. This is an ideal time for visiting different sightseeing spots and for enjoying with family members. Nature lovers can visit the Uluve Bird Sanctuary which is situated at the bank of river Tunga and is the home of many cranes.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
With the weather remaining comfortably cold, the festival of Shivaratri is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and fanfare in this month. This festival is celebrated with rituals and different religious functions are organized at various temples across the city. Large number of peoples including the local residents and tourists come together to enjoy this festive celebration and to seek the Lords blessing.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
A rise in temperature is seen with the beginning of this month and the weather remains moderately hot throughout the day. Month of March is regarded as an ideal time for planning a trip as during this time tourists can enjoy different outdoor activities like visiting the Tunga river bank or enjoying the sun set at Agumbe amidst the forest valley.
April Hot
The weather in the month of April remains comfortably hot marking the beginning of summer season. People who are looking forward to budget holiday should plan their trip around this time as various hotels and resorts offer different types of discounts to its customers. A variety of adventurous activities like trekking or water rafting can be enjoyed by the tourists who love adventure.
May Hot
Visit to famous temples such as Mallikarjuna Temple or Shri Sharada Temple that lies in the vicinity of the town can be planned in the month of May. Shopping for famous things such as Sringeri Banana ChipS, Pickles and Happala and a visit to different tourist attraction can be planned during this time. This is a perfect month to enjoy calmness of the place.
June Rainy
Heavy rainfall lashes the region marking the onset of monsoon season. Rain lovers can enjoy the lush greenery of the area which is enhanced due to the presence of rainfall. The scenic beauty of the town is at its best during this time. This is regarded as a good time for exploring the city by those people who love nature.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Due to heavy monsoon showers, a dip in the temperature is seen and the weather becomes comfortably cold. The rains make the landscape scenic look very appealing. The rainfall may be sometimes accompanied by torrential winds which further helps in decreasing the temperature of the city. A walk in the monsoon showers with your loved one can be a wonderful experience.
August Rainy
People who are looking forward to spend their holidays in peaceful environment can plan their trip in this month as the city witnesses less number of tourists in this month. The weather remains cool with the presence of occasional rainfall. Different waterfalls like Sirimane Falls and Kodlu Theertha falls looks very attractive as they are full during this month.
September Rainy
The month of September brings along with it different festive celebrations. The festival of Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated with huge fanfare as this is one of the most important festivals that are celebrated in Sringeri. Whole town wears a festive look and everybody comes together to join the celebrations. Occasional showers are observed in this month therefore carrying of umbrella is advised.
October Pleasant
Dusshera is the festival that is celebrated in the month of October. The weather remains pleasant around this time and different indoor and outdoor activities can be enjoyed. Tourists choose this month to relax for a while in the pleasant and serene atmosphere of this town. A trip to Sringeri in this month with the family members can be a memorable one.
November Pleasant
The month of November brings along with it the festival of lights which is Diwali. Whole town is lit up and it looks magnificent. Tourists can plan a visit during this time to enjoy the Diwali celebrations in the city of Sringeri. Weather remains pleasant with the temperature ranging from a maximum of 33°C to a minimum of 22°C.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Beginning of the month of December marks the onset of winter season. Weather remains comfortably cold and a visit to Sringeri can be planned during this month. Different religious destinations can be visited to experience peace of mind. Warm woolen apparels can be used to stay warm during the journey as cool winds are sometimes observed in this month.

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