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Capital of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is renowned as the city of romance and beauty. The pleasant climate and scenic beauty make it the most desired destination among travelers who come here from all over the world.

Irrespective of the season, Srinagar attracts tourists throughout the year and has only two climates, pleasant summers and freezing winters. The best time to visit Srinagar is from April to October. Summers in Srinagar are cool and salubrious, you can enjoy its snow clad mountains, chinar trees, houseboats, and scenic landscapes. This season is perfect for sightseeing and taking up numerous outdoor activity whereas monsoon are accompanied by the frequent spells of showers which make the overall weather cold and limit the scope for travelers to explore the outside locales or go for sightseeing. Winters are mainly characterized by shuddering frost and heavy snowfalls. Tourists wait for the winters to arrive as they have the opportunity to experience snowfall and indulge in cool winter sports like skiing and ice-skating. The temperature is expected to lower down and can be discomforting, so make sure you carry enough warm clothes to keep yourself warm.


October or March- The extended season of winter is characterized by the dropping temperature. The temperature falls down to 0°C and this place also witnesses heavy snowfall. 


April to September - The best time to visit this place is summer season, as the temperature during this season varies from 14°C to 30°C. It is the time when one can see the real beauty of this place, as the whole valley gets covered with vibrant and fragrant blossoms.


October- Because of its geographical condition, Srinagar does not witness proper monsoon season. However, in the month of October the place receives some rain. Cool breeze of monsoon makes the weather a bit chilly, thus announcing the onset of winter season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Freezing cold with snowfall
Freezing cold with snowfall
The weather during this month is chilly accompanied by occasional snowfall. The incredible and picturesque scenic beauty, wonderful monuments and houseboats makes Srinagar a true paradise in this month. With this, temperature is expected to reach below freezing point, which makes the use of heavy woolens absolutely necessary. January is an ideal month for holidaying with friends and family.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
February has extreme winters followed by sporadic snowfall, which continues during this month. Cold waves grip the region, making the city more cold and a wonderful place especially for newly married couples to spend an ideal vacation. Tourists can look out for the best Srinagar packages and enjoy the famous shikara ride as the Dal Lake remains frozen in this season.
March Very Cold
Very Cold
March witnesses maximum number of tourists, visiting the city. With this month temperature begins to increase as cold waves are settled, however, days and nights are cold. It is recommended that you carry woolen clothes, as this month offers a great opportunity to enjoy sightseeing or plan for any other outdoor activity.
April Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month marks the start of spring season and is known as the tourist’s season for Srinagar. You can take pleasure in its natural vibrancy, with melted lakes, refreshing and appealing view of its gardens and the cold climate. Nights can be very chilly thus extra care is required. For those who want to enjoy snow, need to travel to slightly higher slopes.
May Pleasant
The weather starts to get warm but the temperature is still within cold range. This month is best feted for its surreal charm and idyllic weather, which offers a great opportunity to indulging in the various adventure sports and tourists activities. Though days are pleasant but nights can be chilly, so woolens are recommended.
June Pleasant
June is the month wherein the weather continues to remain cool during the morning and can get chilly during the evenings. The encircling snow-covered mountains provide a perfect setting for a valley that is vibrantly alive. The region may receive short duration and frequent rainfall, which presents a picture of a remarkable tapestry which is amongst the most beautiful place in the world.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
July is amongst the warmest month of the year and has temperature within comfortable hot level. The city offers views of astonishing sunsets with lots of blue sky and breathtaking views. Tourists interested in playing with snow and ice-skating, can drive to Sonamarg also known as Meadow of Gold and the undulating meadow of Baisaran, surrounded by thickly wooded forests of pine, a major local attraction during the summer months.
August Pleasant
The weather in August can be categorized as cool and pleasant. The sky remains clear for most part of the day while it is chilly during the night. It is the most preferred time to experience heaven on earth and a good time to enjoy the exciting boat rides and buy some souvenirs for your loved ones, on your visit to this famous place. There are chances of some occasional rainfall in the end of this month.
September Pleasant
September is the month, when rainfalls have completely vanished. Srinagar witnesses’ autumn somewhere from the middle of this month accompanied with the cheerful chirping of birds, orchards heavy with fruits, greenery of the region and the refreshing sunlight, takes shape before your wandering eyes. It is one of the best months for tourism in Srinagar.
October Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
October has cool and pleasant climate with bright sunrays warming up the surroundings. For those who wish to have a splendid holiday in Srinagar, this is an ideal time to experience true beauty of nature. You can also avail for tourism packages in Srinagar to make your trip more worthy.
November Very Cold
Very Cold
This month marks the beginning of winter season. With decreasing temperature levels the cold waves start to tighten their grip thus making days and nights extremely cold. This month is good for travelling and to explore the lush greenery and panoramic view. You can enjoy heavy snowfall, which take place from the mid of this month.
December Freezing Cold
Freezing Cold
December is one of the coldest months of the year. This month witnesses heavy snowfall and mercury dips down to sub arctic level. During this period you can enjoy outdoor activities like ice skating and ride on frozen lake, make sure you carry heavy woolens to avoid health hazards in this escalating cold.

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