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Humidity 41% Wind 4 kph (Direction: Variable)

Sonamarg lies in the Himalayan mountain region and is surrounded by beautiful snow covered hills and calm lakes. The amazing beauty of this hill station is bound to behold a person’s attention.

Tourists can visit Sonamarg all around the year to experience its beauty but the best time for making a visit is from the month of April till the month of November. These months offer pleasant weather to enjoy the beauty of this place. As the temperature during the summer season ranges between 9°C to 34°C, this season offers comfortably hot climate to visit different tourist attractions. The beautiful scenic views of this hill station can leave anybody amazed. Heavy rainfall marks the beginning of monsoon season which further enhances the beauty of Sonamarg. Rain lovers can plan their trip in this month to experience the exquisite beauty of the hill station. Average temperature during the winter season remains between -8°C to 18°C. Snowfall is a regular feature of this season. Therefore people who love snow can plan their trip in this season to enjoy their trip to the maximum.


November to March- As the weather remains chilly from the month of November till the month of March, this time is considered perfect for enjoying the beauty of winter season Temperature may experience a dip till the sub zero level.


April to June- Weather during these months remains pleasant as cool wind blows throughout the day. This is an ideal season for trying out different adventure activities and for visiting various attractions.


July to September- Infrequent rainfall marks the presence of monsoon season. Trying different adventure activities can be a challenging task during this season, however the beauty of this region is at its peak in these months.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Minimum temperature remains below sub zero level throughout this month and snowfall is a common phenomenon around this time. Tourists can enjoy different outdoor activities such as skiing on the snow covered hills. This month makes an ideal time for snow lovers to visit the hill station to enjoy the freshly fallen snow.
February Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Chilly and cold climate welcomes the visitors to Sonamarg in the month of February. Occasional snowfall increases the scenic beauty of this place, as the entire valley looks really enchanting and appealing covered by pristine fresh snow. Different adventurous sports can also be enjoyed in this month, thus attracting tourists in huge numbers.
March Very Cold
Very Cold
An increase in the temperature is observed with the beginning of this month, but the weather still remains very cold. People who love fishing can make a visit during this time as the angling season marks its beginning from mid March. This is a good month for visiting the Thajiwas Glacier that lies at a distance of 5 km from the city.
April Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Month of April marks the beginning of summer season, as well as the tourist season. With the weather remaining comfortably cold, people in large numbers throng the city to enjoy the amazing serene lakes and beautiful views of the region. Clear days accompanied by cool evenings make it an ideal time for exploring this hill station.
May Pleasant
Pleasant weather marks the onset of the month of May. Slight rise in temperature makes the climate comfortable for visiting different attractions and spots. Travelers can indulge in various activities, such as trekking and mountain biking that are offered on this hill station. This place offers exquisite views of serene lakes and stunning hills that can refresh your mind and soul.
June Pleasant
Month of June remains a preferred time for exploring the hill station and the places that lie in its vicinity. Pre monsoon showers can sometimes be experienced in this month, which make the climate cool. It is also a good time for devotees to plan pilgrimages. Snow still occurs at some places that lie on higher altitudes.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
Onset of monsoon season is marked with the beginning of the month of July. Intermittent showers are experienced throughout the month. Rain lovers can plan their vacation during this time to experience the beauty of the region. Travelers can visit the Vishansar Lake that presents a picturesque view. The calm water of the lake offers a relaxing and refreshing experience.
August Pleasant
An ideal month for visiting this hilly terrain, month of August offers comfortably cold climate. Tourists can indulge in shopping of Pherans, shawls or Namdahs that are regarded as a specialty of this region. These can be bought from the local vendors at a reasonable price. Along with making wonderful souvenirs, these items help the tourists to beat the cold weather.
September Pleasant
A large rush of tourists is witnessed in Sonamarg in this month as the weather remains comfortably cold for carrying out different activities. Days remain pleasant with the sun shining bright. Fairs and exhibitions that are organized by local residents can be enjoyed by the tourists. Travelers need to go to higher altitude to enjoy snowfall.
October Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
A dip in the temperature is observed with the beginning of this month. Different adventurous activities, such as water rafting or hill climbing, can be enjoyed by the tourists. Diwali celebrations dip the region in festive mood with local residents of Sonamarg marking the day of Lord Rama’s arrival with great enthusiasm and celebrations. Poojas at different temples are also held.
November Very Cold
Very Cold
Beginning of the month of November marks the beginning of winter season. With the minimum temperature remaining around 1°C, evenings are very cold. Carrying warm clothes is necessary for enjoying the trip to the maximum. Frozen lakes in the region offer a dazzling view which is a site to savor. Newly wedded couples can plan their honeymoon trip in this month.
December Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Freezing Cold with Snowfall
Extremely cold weather which is accompanied by occasional snowfall is generally observed in this month. The Losar festival which is celebrated with huge pomp and show is a prominent feature of this month. Beautifully decorated Gompas are a delight to look at. Buddhists begin their day by offering prayers to the god. A cheerful ambiance is created in the city due to the celebrations.

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