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A small city of Alwar district, Sariska is the center of many attractions. The national park in its vicinity is the main attraction of Sariska. The best time to be here is from September to April.


December to February- The cool and pleasant weather of winters makes it an ideal time to be here. The days are quite warm, but the evenings are really chilly, when temperature drops down to 4°C. It is the best time for bird watching, as a large number of migrating birds can be seen here in winters.


April to May- Like callous winters, even the summers are quite severe here, when temperature rises up to 45°C. Although it is hot, but it is definitely the best time to see the flocks of animals in the park.


June to September- Sariska receives medium rainfall, although this brings down the temperature but increases the humidity as well. Moving around the park becomes a bit difficult in this season, but it is just the perfect time for nature lovers to be here, as the beauty of the nature is at its acme in this season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very cold, Foggy
Very cold, Foggy
This is the coldest month of the year, but the temperature is still bearable. Mornings are foggy and nights are cold. It is one of the best months to take up city tours and to explore Sariska Tiger Reserve and other sites in its vicinity. Being a suitable period for tourism, one must plan a visit to Sariska during this time.
February Moderately cold
Moderately cold
February offers fairly cold weather. Days are pleasant and nights are cold, as temperature dips down after sunset. The weather favors day outs and other tourist activities. Outdoor journeys can be planned to visit nearby attractions and monuments. Mercury begins to rise by the end of this month, but is still within comfortable range. Light warm clothes are suitable for this period.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
March witnesses moderately warm climate, but it is still suitable for tourist activities and sightseeing. Days are pleasant and nights can be comparatively cold. Plenty of sunshine is accompanied by clear skies. The natural beauty of the place can be best explored during this period. It is one of the perfect times to take up jungle expeditions and to explore ancient monuments.
April Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Hot weather with light winds can be experienced in the month of April. Evenings are comparatively cooler than days. Summers hit the city by the end of this month, making it the last month when tourist activities can be enjoyed before the arrival of hot summers. Apart from sightseeing, travelers can take up tours to Sariska Tiger Reserve to explore its rich flora and fauna.
May Very hot
Very hot
Summers here are extreme, raising the temperature above many people’s liking. Clear skies and excessive sunshine increase mercury level, making it difficult to travel across the city and restrict tourist activities. Although this might not be a perfect time for tourist visits, those who can bear the heat can enjoy catching sights of different animals in the tiger reserve as they come out to look for water.
June Very hot
Very hot
The month of June offers hot climate with intermittent showers, making the weather unpleasant and tropical. Humidity coupled with excessive heat hinders outdoor activities and sightseeing. Wildlife buffs, who can tolerate the heat, can plan their trip to this city to explore the wildlife park where animals can be seen hovering around rivers and water bodies. Wearing light cotton clothes and rain gears is advisable.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately hot, Rain
Moderately hot, Rain
Monsoon in Sariska does not bring heavy rainfall. Irregular showers can be experienced, making the climate humid and uncomfortable for tourist visits. Daytime is unpleasant, but outdoor trips and sightseeing is obstructed because of excessive heat and increased humidity. Even though this period is not recommended for tourism, wildlife enthusiasts can travel here to view animals in the wildlife park.
August Rainy
August brings along hot and humid climate with regular rainfall. The weather does not favor outdoor activities. Moreover, the park remains open only on Tuesday and Saturday. This is not an ideal time to visit this place as one might not be able to enjoy wildlife expeditions. However, the serene ambience and scenic landscapes can be explored to capture the splendid beauty of the city.
September Pleasant
Weather is pleasant with very lees rainfall and clear blue skies are accompanied by sunshine. Days are pleasant, but nights can be a bit cold. Picturesque landscapes and scenic panoramas add to the beauty of the place. Gushing water bodies and rivers can be explored, as the temperature remains within a comfortable range. The park is open on Tuesday and Saturday. September is, therefore, recommended for tourism.
October Pleasant
October marks the start of official tourist season. Although daytime can be warm, temperature is still bearable. Overall the weather is extremely pleasant and comfortable, making it favorable for tourist activities and sightseeing. City expeditions and jungle tours can be taken to explore the wildlife in tiger reserve. Nearby attractions and historical monuments can be explored to get insight into ancient culture of the past.
November Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Mild winters hit the city in this month. Temperature during daytime is mild, but nights are comparatively cooler. It is an ideal time for wildlife safaris and sightseeing. Mostly clear skies maintain warmth in the ambience, making it suitable to indulge in various outdoor activities. The panorama of the city is worth exploring during this time. Carrying light woolens are advisable when planning a visit here.
December Very cold
Very cold
The weather is very cold and even dips down to subzero level at times. Days are cold and nights are colder. It is a good time to travel across the city to explore attractions located near to this place. The forts, temples and historical monuments can be best explored during this period. December offers an enjoyable time for jungle tours as well. Carrying heavy woolens is recommended.

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