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Sited close to the capital of Sikkim, Rumtek attracts a large number of tourists. The climate of this town is mild and moderate all through the year, however the best time to be here is the month of October, when weather conditions are mild and pleasant a


October to February- Winter season of Rumtek is chilly, as temperature lowers down to -3 degrees. Month of October is the best time to explore this place, as in rest of the months the temperature is very low.


March to May - These four months constitute the summer season of Rumtek. Pleasant and charming are just the right words to describe this season. It is the time when one can take pleasure of sightseeing and other outdoor activities of the town. Temperature in these months varies from 28°C to 10°C.


July to September- It is the time when this town receives mild to heavy rainfall under the effect of South West Monsoon. It is the time to indulge in indoor activities, which are especially organized for tourists in this season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Freezing cold
Freezing cold
The climate is nippy and temperature dips to sub zero level. Regular snowfall makes it difficult to travel across the city and most of the areas are inaccessible. Nights are chilly and colder than days. Although, this period is not recommended for tourism, it is a preferred time for romantic escapes. Carrying warm woolens is advised for holidaymakers planning a trip to this city.
February Very cold, Foggy
Very cold, Foggy
Although mercury level rises by a few degrees, escaping from extreme cold and frost bites is not possible. February is accompanied by foggy and nippy mornings and chilly nights. Even though indulging in outdoor activities can be challenging and hard, this period is suitable for romantic escapes and for holidaymakers who love cold and frosty weather. Heavy woolen apparels are advisable.
March Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Onset of summers can be experienced by the end of this month. Temperature begins to rise but the weather is still mild. Clear blue skies make the days fairly pleasant, while the nights are cool. March marks the beginning of official tourist season. It is a perfect time to enjoy sightseeing and other tourist activities. Travelers can also indulge in adventurous sports, like trekking and mountaineering.
April Pleasant
April brings along spring season and the beauty of this place reaches its peak. Days are warm because of clear skies, but mercury scoops down by a few degrees after the sunset, resulting in cool nights. Temperature is ideal for indulging in outdoor activities and sightseeing. Adventure seekers can enjoy activities like mountaineering, camping and biking. This period is therefore recommended for tourism.
May Pleasant
Ambience is pleasing with mild climate. Temperature begins to rise but still falls within comfortable range. Clear skies and intermittent rainfall is relatively common in the region. One can explore the place and indulge in several thrilling activities like mountain biking and trekking. Suitably low temperatures allow easy travel between various nearby attractions. Taking holiday packages to Rumtek is great during this period.
June Pleasant
June offers pleasant ambience, making it suitable for outdoor activities. Days are mild and evenings are cool. Little rainfall can be expected here during this period. Cool breeze maintains mild coldness in the atmosphere, making weather all the more pleasant. It is a good time for sightseeing and day outs, making it a preferred period for planning holiday trips to Rumtek.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Monsoon sets in the month of July, bringing heavy rainfall. Landslides are common in this month of the year, making it unsuitable for travelling across the region. However, the lush green environment of the city is enjoyable. Moreover, picturesque landscapes and serenity of the region can be explored. Being an off-season, hotels offer discounts and affordable holiday packages for tourists.
August Rainy
Heavy rains continue to hit the city in August. Often continuous and heavy rainfalls can be witnessed, resulting in avalanches, thus hindering access to many parts of the city. Tourist activities are also restricted because of heavy and continuous rains. This might not be an ideal time for tourism. Since discounts on tour packages and accommodations can be obtained because of off-season, a budget friendly trip can be organized.
September Rainy
Good amount of rainfall is received in the region during this month. Cold winds, accompanied by fairly low temperatures, make the climate suitable for holidaying. There can be clear skies for a few days, making it favorable for tourist activities. One can explore panoramic landscapes and lush green environment as the magnificent beauty of the city is at its zenith during this period.
October Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Official tourist season starts with the beginning of this month. The weather is cool and mild. Days are cool and nights are cooler. Clear blue skies maintain mild warmness in the ambience, allowing the tourists to indulge in exciting activities, like trekking, camping and mountain biking. City tours can be planned to explore nearby attractions and other religious places. It is a great time for tourism.
November Very cold
Very cold
Winters hit the city by this month. Nights are colder than days, as cool winds add to the chilliness in the atmosphere. The temperature is still favorable for various tourist activities, like sightseeing and day outs. One can enjoy various thrilling activities, as well as enjoy serene ambiance and scenic landscapes. Carrying woolen clothes is advisable when travelling to this city.
December Freezing cold, Foggy
Freezing cold, Foggy
Temperature begins to scoop down with the beginning of this month. Days are foggy and cold and nights are chilly. Rumtek is accessible until the mid of December, after which mercury dips to freezing level, due to heavy snowfall. Extreme temperatures can make various parts of the city inaccessible, making it difficult to enjoy holidaying here. Carrying heavy woolens is, however, advised.

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