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An ideal travel destination, offering plenty of breathtaking views and intriguing attractions for nature and wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy, Ranthambore is a place that engulfs your mind with its subtle charm and simplicity.

Weather in Ranthambore stays pleasant and moderate for most part of the year, making it one of the best tourist places to visit in the northern region of India. However the most favorable time is during the months of October and April, especially for nature and wildlife lovers. November to February is the winter season, when the weather is quite pleasant, especially during the days. You can visit local attractions or go for sightseeing in the famous national park. Summer season arrives in March and continues till June, during which this region experiences very warm climate with maximum temperature reaching up to 46°C at times. In these months you can visit the natural park and catch sights of famous tigers present here, as it will not be possible in monsoon season. From July to September the park is closed due to constant rainfall. Overall, Ranthambore is one such region which enchants you and has something unique to offer in every season.


November to February – Cold weather and occasional fog and rain makes it essential for tourists visiting Ranthambore in winter season to wear warm woolens, especially when roaming around during mornings and evenings.


March to June – Warm climate and plenty of sunshine makes the natural pastures of Ranthambore gleam and appear more pleasing during summer season, as well as making wildlife safaris more enjoyable for tourists.


July to September – Rainy season brings along humid and warm weather. Natural beauty of this region is at its acme during monsoon months offering wonderful sights to tourists, while the wildlife park remains closed.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
Constantly blowing cold waves make the weather of this place very cold during the month of January and ideal for wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy sightseeing in the famous nature park. Wear enough warm clothes and get ready to join the action by catching sights of tigers, leopards, sambar deer and several other species of mammals and reptiles roaming freely in the wild pastures.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Cool days are followed by chilly nights during February and you can roam around comfortably in light warm clothes, as heavy woolens are not required. Combined with clear skies, the weather becomes pleasantly chilly. Tourists come to Ranthambore in huge numbers during this season to enjoy sightseeing and catch sights of different wild animals.
March Pleasant
The days are predominantly cool during the month of March, while the nights are cooler in comparison and you can stay comfortable in light woolens. If you are planning a visit to the famous Ranthambore wildlife park, then this is certainly the best time to enjoy the nature at its best, along with thrilling wildlife safaris.
April Pleasant
With the start of April month, a slight rise in temperature is also witnessed; however the weather stays comfortable with cold and pleasant evenings. This is again considered to be one of the best times for visiting the wildlife park located in the Ranthambore village. Attracting tourists from far and wide, if assures a memorable experience for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
As the temperature keeps on rising, sightseeing or visiting outdoor attractions becomes somewhat uncomfortable. However it is not hot enough to deter the spirit of innumerable nature enthusiasts who visit this region especially for watching animals like tigers, leopards, Nilgai, jackals, chital and many more, dwelling in their natural habitat. Carry along sun protective gears to enjoy your trip to the fullest.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Indulging in outdoor activities, especially during day time can become difficult due to the hot and sultry weather experienced in the month of June. Going out in the sun for too long without sun protection should be avoided. However, you can definitely enjoy the natural beauty of this region by planning outdoor trips during evening time, when the weather is comparatively pleasant.
Month Climate Details
July Very Hot
Very Hot
Monsoon season arrives in July, bringing along intermittent rainfall. The temperature is cooler during night time, while days remain quite hot. Enjoying outdoor activities, like sightseeing trips or visits to local attractions can become difficult, as many people do not like the heat experienced in this region during this month, along with high level of humidity.
August Rainy
Regular rainfall drenching this region during August makes the weather quite pleasant. Dark clouds keep covering the blue skies for most of the time, offering picturesque views to tourists and nature lovers. The immense natural beauty of Ranthambore can be enjoyed at its best in August; however the wildlife park is closed during this time.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The vast forest area of Ranthambore region remains inaccessible during September due to heavy rainfall, which starts to subside as the month progresses. Tourists planning to indulge in adventure activities like sightseeing and wildlife safaris might have to wait till next month. However, the incredible natural beauty adorned by vast expanses of lush greenery is definitely a sight to behold.
October Pleasant
As the weather becomes cool and dry after monsoon season, tourists start coming back to Ranthambore in huge numbers to enjoy sightseeing and catch glimpses of the amazing natural beauty this place is blessed with. Another reason for the incredible increase in tourist activity is the opening of Nature Park, offering tourists a chance to enjoy the wildlife dwelling here.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Weather during November is quite comfortable for visiting Ranthambore as the days remain pleasant while nights are chilly. Considered as an ideal time for visiting this region, you can enjoy the immense natural beauty of this region by staying comfortable in light woolens. Visiting local attractions and watching wild animals in their natural habitat are among the best activities to be enjoyed during this time.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
Sightseeing becomes even more enjoyable and fun in the pleasant and cold weather of December. Tourists can indulge in adventure activities and enjoy wildlife safaris, where they can expect to come face to face to some highly ferocious animals, including tigers and leopards. Owing to incredible attractions and activities, Ranthambore region is buzzing with tourist activity during this time.

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