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Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand state. The city is covered with reddish soil and has magnificent waterfalls. It attracts tourists who want to spend some time in calm and serene atmosphere.

Famous for its exquisite culture and enchanting beauty, the city of Ranchi can be visited throughout the year but the best season is the winter season which falls from the month of November to February. The cool and pleasing weather during day time makes it easy to explore the city. When compared to other states, summers of Ranchi are preferred by tourists because the weather remains comparatively cooler. Light cotton clothes are recommended as hot winds blow during the days. Monsoon season comes with a lot of rainfall, thereby enhancing the beauty of this region. By choosing the best season that you like before planning your trip, you can enjoy your trip to Ranchi to the fullest.


November to February- With the temperature ranging from 22°C to 2°C the weather remains cool during winters. Different festivals are also celebrated during this pleasant season.


March to June- The maximum temperature observed during summers is 37°C while the minimum temperature being 20°C. Visits to different lakes and waterfalls can be planned in this season to enjoy the natural beauty of this place.


July to September- Moderate rainfall is received during the monsoons and the temperature remains pleasant. This is the best season to visit the city for those who love rains.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Cold
The month of January offers cool days followed by chilling nights. This month is the most preferred time of the year for tourists to plan their trips. Ranchi and its nearby cities can be explored in this month. Festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great delight and is the main attraction of this month.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
A rise in the temperature is observed in this month. Weather during the day time remains pleasant while the nights are still cold. Tourists can also enjoy visiting different attractions such as Deer Park, Tagore Hill and many other famous places located in and around this city. Different cuisines can also be enjoyed in the pleasant weather.
March Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The weather in the month of March remains moderately cold. Visits to different famous religious places can be made to seek the blessings of Lord. Various outdoors trips can be enjoyed with family or friends. Use of light woolen clothes is recommended in this month as the temperature during nights still remains cold.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Ranchi is known as the city of beautiful waterfalls and mesmerizing lakes, therefore a trip in this month can be planned to experience the beauty of the city. Different places such as Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Dassam Falls, and Ranchi Lake cannot be missed during the trip. Ramnavami, a major Hindu festival, is celebrated in this month with lots of enthusiasm.
May Hot
With the temperature soaring up to 37°C-39°C this is the peak summer season. Indoor activities should be preferred in this month and use of sun protection gear is advised when going out in the sun. To deal with the rising temperature, visiting different lakes and waterfalls can be a good idea.
June Hot
Tourists can go on sightseeing trips. Shopping too can be enjoyed as this city is every shopper's delight. Fairs are organized by the local residents to attract the attention of tourists. This month experiences lots of sunshine therefore use of sunscreen is highly recommended whenever going out. Discounts are also offered by hotels and resorts.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The magnificent natural beauty of Ranchi can be best enjoyed in rains. This city witnesses moderate rainfall with the climate becoming pleasant again. During this month, rain lovers can enjoy the architectural beauty of the place. The city looks very beautiful, as the lush green valley looks washed out after the rain.
August Rainy
The sky remains overcastted by clouds throughout the day time and mild rainfall can be experienced at any time of the day. If you like rains then this is the best time to visit this city. Slight increase in level of humidity is witnessed due to rains. Rain coats and umbrellas should be carried along when going outdoors.
September Rainy
This month experiences occasional rainfalls. Gajalaxmi Puja is a famous festival that is celebrated in the city around this time. People from different states come together to celebrate this festival. Visitors can always become part of the festive celebrations and enjoy themselves. Rain gears are necessary during this month.
October Pleasant
Climate during the day time remains pleasant, while the nights are cool. This month is perfect for indulging in different adventurous sports. Children can enjoy themselves by getting involved in various indoor and outdoor activities. The city of Ranchi offers a much needed break and refreshes people with its pleasant weather.
November Pleasant
With the weather being pleasant, the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated in this month with huge pomp and show. Worship of Goddess Lakshmi is done for bringing prosperity into their family. Tourists can also become a part of the celebrations and seek the blessings of Goddess. Weather during day time remains pleasant while the nights are cold.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This is the coldest month of the year. People who love winters can plan their holidays during this time. Extra care of small children and aged people should be taken and heavy woolen apparels should be used when getting involved in different outdoor activities. Serene Beauty of Ranchi can be experienced during this time.

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