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Rameswaram is one of the most popular tourist destinations across all of India, thanks to its importance in Hindu religion and associated sub - cultures, making it a must - visit on every tourist's itinerary.

This place holds a great deal of value for tourists who are on a spiritual journey for the same reason. As this city is located off the mainland of India in the Indian Ocean, the climate here is more or less tropical, so tourists who wish to avoid heat and humidity should make other arrangements. The summers in Rameswaram are rather hot, making the temperature uncomfortable for those tourists who are not used to this kind of weather. The weather of Rameswaram in the winters is relatively cool, making the months from November to February the best time for tourists to travel to this holiday destination. The combination of comfortable temperatures and the beautiful oceanic surroundings of Rameswaram, make this season a delight for tourists. The monsoon season in Rameswaram starts from July and goes on till September, enhancing the scenic vistas for those tourists who love rain.


November to February – with day time temperatures slipping to a comfortable 17ºC this is the best time for tourists to visit Rameswaram.


March to June – Rameswaram’s summers are tropical i.e. hot and humid and can therefore easily make tourists wish they had abstained from making plans involving going outside.


July to September – An increase in humidity and average rain fall is experienced throughout these months. Visiting Rameswaram during this season is best for those tourists who love rain.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
January brings pleasant weather to the city of Rameswaram, with the days being mildly warm and the nights being pleasantly cold. The climate during this month makes it the ideal time for tourists coming to Rameswaram to go out and visit not only the temples located here, but to also enjoy activities on the beach as well as nature activities like bird watching.
February Pleasant
The weather in Rameswaram throughout February is mostly pleasant, with warm days, blue skies and breezy nights, thanks to the sea breezes which sweep through this place. This month is definitely one of the ideal times for tourists to visit the city of Rameswaram and to explore the spiritual history and numerous attractions which this city has to offer its visitors.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The mercury begins to increase as the summer season arrives in Rameswaram. The day time temperatures in this month is fairly warm and the surrounding ocean means humidity will be high, making Rameswaram seem warmer than it really is. However, the cool sea breeze in the evenings stabilizes the temperatures to a far more comfortable level.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The summer season brings an increase in temperature as the sun begins to heat up the city of Rameswaram. Many tourists who have travelled to Rameswaram during this month find that the days are warm and humid and might have a problem with the seemingly intense combination of heat and humidity that Rameswaram experiences across this month.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month sees the summer season continue across Rameswaram, with the bright sunshine and clear blue skies offering very little respite to tourists who wish to avoid this sweltering combination. Tourists visiting Rameswaram in this month are advised to carry adequate protection from the heat and humidity in the form of loose cotton clothes and sunscreen.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The intense heat and humidity during this month means that Rameswaram and the surrounding regions make tourists' plans of heading outside for indulging in activities they like rather impossible. Tourists who are intent on visiting Rameswaram in this month are advised to carry adequate protection from the sun.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The later weeks of this month see Rameswaram receive intermittent rainfall before it begins to increase in both intensity and frequency as well. Rains bring the temperature down during this month. Outdoor activities will be hindered by the increasing humidity in this month, so tourists coming to Rameswaram should be prepared.
August Rainy
The rainfall begins across Rameswaram by the first week of August, increasing in frequency as the month progresses. A great deal of humidity in this region, due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean, makes outdoor activities a challenge for even the most determined tourists, but those who love rain and natural vistas will be in for a great surprise.
September Rainy
The monsoon season begins to wind up in this month, but the heat and humidity might still be a little too much for many tourists. However, towards the end of the month, visitors coming to the city of Rameswaram will have the opportunity to freely explore various spiritual and natural attractions which this city has to offer them.
October Pleasant
The natural beauty of Rameswaram reaches an all time high in this month which also marks the opening of the tourist season in this city. Humidity levels begin to drop consistently, as does the temperature, giving the tourists coming to Rameswaram all the more incentive to go outside and enjoy the beaches and other tourist hotspots.
November Pleasant
The cool sea breeze in the month of November gives Rameswaram an ideal climate for tourism. The day time temperatures are moderately warm at best, but the evening breezes help a great deal in lowering down the temperature in and around Rameswaram. Budget tourists can enjoy their vacation, thanks to numerous travel packages and discounted deals offered in this month.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The ongoing cool breezes in the evening, coupled with the balmy sunshine during the day, means that tourists coming to Rameswaram will get to not only indulge in the outdoor activities, like going to the beach or visiting various spiritual centers in the city but will also get to experience the best weather which Rameswaram has to offer across the year.

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