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A scenic hill station of Maharashtra, Rajmachi is renowned for its two peaks namely, Manaranjan and Shreevardhan. It is the place which has pleasant climate all through the year, thus can be visited in any season.


November to February- The winters of Rajmachi are quite chilly. However, during the days the temperature is quite pleasant thus you can plan your sightseeing trips at this time.


April to June- Summer season of Rajmachi is temperate. It is the time when the average temperature is around 28°C. For trekkers, it is just the right time to be here.


June to September- Monsoon of Rajmachi is characterized by mild to medium rainfall. Roads become quite slippery in this season, thus all sorts of activities are closed. But it is the right time for spending relaxing moments close to nature. The increased beauty and the pleasant weather also make it an ideal time for honeymoon trips.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
January brings along mild climate with warm days and pleasant nights. The temperature begins to drop after the sunset. Magnificent views and landscapes can be enjoyed to rejuvenate mind and soul. This period offers suitable weather for trekking and enjoying other tourist activities, making it one of the most favorable times for tourism. Carrying along light woolen clothes is advisable.
February Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The climate in this month is fairly pleasant, making it ideal for sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Although the temperature during daytime is pleasing, it dips down during nights. The cool breeze makes the ambience even more enjoyable. Situated amidst hilly terrains, Rajmachi offers comfortable weather to travel across the city and enjoy your trip to the fullest during this month.
March Pleasant
March marks the beginning of summer season. Cold winds maintain pleasing temperature in the region. The climate is mild and suitable for outdoor trips. Other adventurous activities, like trekking and hiking, can be enjoyed as well. Considered as one of the most preferred periods for tourism, this is an ideal time to plan a trip to Rajmachi and create unforgettable memories.
April Pleasant
Summers in Rajmachi are not harsh or unpleasant. Its high elevation above the sea level prevents the temperature from rising to an extremely high level. Days and nights are pleasant, allowing the travelers to enjoy their trip to the fullest. This period is suitable for people of all age groups. Carrying light cotton clothes is recommended when planning a trip to this place.
May Very hot
Very hot
Fairly hot climate can be experienced in May, one of the hottest months of the year. The temperature reaches a high level, making the days warm and quite uncomfortable. Hot climate can restrict exciting tourist activities, preventing travelers from making most of their trip. For those planning a trip to Rajmachi, sun protective gears and light cotton apparels are advisable.
June Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Being pre-monsoon period, occasional showers can be experienced here in June. Mercury dips down by a few degrees, making the weather favorable for sightseeing and travelling. Temperature does not vary much between daytime and nighttime. The place looks attractive after infrequent rains. It is one of the ideal times to plan a trip to Rajmachi. Carrying umbrellas and raincoats is advised when venturing out.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July receives heavy rains, making the ambience cool and pleasing. Dams and rivers are filled with water. Greenery can be witnessed all around making the city come alive and the magnificent beauty of the place is worth experiencing. Mild weather allows the tourists to enjoy their trip to the fullest. It is one of the preferred times for tourism. Carrying raincoats and umbrella is advised.
August Rainy
Monsoon showers continue in August, bringing a lot of rain to the city. Mercury dips down to a comfortable range, making it easy for travelers to travel. One can enjoy the lush green environment that exists here during the monsoon season. It is an ideal month for nature buffs and adventure seekers. Tourists can plan a trip to enjoy the serene atmosphere.
September Rainy
The weather becomes pleasing due to rain. Along with nights, the days are mild and comfortable, offering relief from scorching heat. Lush green trees, scenic landscapes and gushing rivers add to the natural beauty of the place, making it an ideal spot for holidaying and tourism. However, make sure to carry rain gears to make the most of your trip.
October Pleasant
Considered as one of the favorable months for visiting Rajmachi, October offers pleasant and mild climate, making it an ideal time for indulging in different adventurous activities, such as trekking, hiking and camping. It is a great time to enjoy sightseeing and plan outdoor trips. Comfortable weather and serene ambiance make a trip to this city all the more fun.
November Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Fairly cold weather can be experienced here during the month of November. Skies are mostly clear with sun shining for most part of the days, maintaining warmth despite cold winds. Temperature dips down by a few degrees during nights, making them colder than days. Sightseeing, outdoor sports and other adventurous activities can be enjoyed, making it a perfect time for holidaying in Rajmachi.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Climate during this month is quite cold. Weather is pleasant during daytime, but mercury scoops down a little during nights. It is a great time for romantic escapes. One can enjoy sightseeing, mountaineering, hiking, camping and other adventurous activities. The picturesque views and splendid beauty of the city is worth exploring during this period. Carrying light woolen apparels is, however, advised.

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