State which houses the Great Indian Desert Thar, Rajasthan, was once an assortment of palaces and forts. Situated in the north western part of the country, this state experiences tropical climate and is the largest state by area in India.

The rich heritage, exciting safaris and amazing forests with diverse wildlife offers an exquisite view to the travelers. This state is regarded as a fantastic destination for the tourists who love being outdoors.

Rajasthan represents India at its best. Everything can be found in this state that a person might imagine when he thinks about India. This is a land of Camels, Forts, Deserts and Snake charmers.

Some not to miss attractions while on a trip to Rajasthan are the cities of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar. These cities offer real experience of Rajasthan. Jaipur also known as “the pink city” tempts the tourists with its beautiful vestige of the ancient time. This city tells about the glory of the monarchs that once lived here. In contrast the city of Udaipur is a captivating place full of sophisticated temples and marvelous gardens.

Tourists can head towards the Pushkar market and get involved in shopping of traditional puppets, kota textile or other accessories that reflect the culture of this diverse state. Different fairs that are organized by the local residents can be visited and enjoyed by the tourists.

Rajasthan stores something for everybody. Tourists need to choose an activity based on their taste to adore the beauty of this colorful city.

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