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Surrounded by forests, Rajabhatkhawa is a small town in the Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. Like the rest of the state, this place also has tropical climate along with three distinct seasons, namely summer, winter and monsoon.


December to February- With maximum temperature of 30°C and minimum of 15°C, it is a pleasant season and is also considered as the most visited time of the year.


March to May- During summer season the temperature varies from 20°C to 39°C. The moderately cold summers, make it possible to explore the village and the Tiger Reserve located nearby. Light cotton clothes are just ideal to suit the weather of this season.


June to September- It is an extended season, and the place receives moderate rainfall. Showers are continuous in all the months and with it come the increased humidity. Overall, it is the best time to enjoy the real beauty of nature here. Although the park remains closed during this season, but the panoramic beauty of the landscape is worth seeing.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Moderate winters can be experienced in the region of Rajabhatkawa during this period. Pleasant days and colder nights make the best feature of this month. Cold winds make the weather mild and suitable for travelling. Travelers can explore nearby attractions and indulge in outdoor activities. Offering a hospitable ambiance, January is one of the best times for tourism in Rajabhatkawa.
February Pleasant
The mercury falls to a low of 15°C and it rarely rises above 30°C. While the days are mild, temperature dips down to a certain level after the sunset, making the nights colder than days. Soothing and comfortable weather allows the tourists to enjoy holidaying in Rajabhatkawa. It is a great month to explore this place and participate in various local activities.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Summer season begins with the start of this month. Moderate climatic conditions exist in the region, making it possible to visit this place. Temperature during daytime rarely falls below 20 degree Celsius. The nights are cooler than the days. One can indulge in outdoor activities and sightseeing. Planning a trip to this place during this month can be a good choice.
April Very hot
Very hot
Temperature begins to rise in the month of April. The climate gets warm during the days but the nights are still pleasant. It is certainly not the best time to visit Rajabhatkawa, as the mercury can reach to a level that is not suitable for tourist activities. Moreover, it is difficult to enjoy sightseeing during daytime. Holidaying here during this period is not advisable.
May Very hot
Very hot
Mercury reaches to a tremendously high level in the region during the month of May. The scorching heat makes it difficult to step out in the sun. Hot dry winds accompanied by high temperatures make the weather unpleasant and inappropriate for sightseeing and holidaying. Discounts are offered by hotel owners because of off-season, allowing you to plan a budget friendly trip.
June Very hot
Very hot
Monsoon period begins in the region of Rajabhatkawa with this month. Constant rainfall lowers the temperature a bit and adds to the scenic beauty, but increased humidity makes the climate troublesome and harsh. Outdoor trips and sightseeing is hindered because of heavy rainfall. The parks are also closed at this time. Carrying light cotton clothes is advised when travelling to Rajabhatkawa during this month.
Month Climate Details
July Very hot
Very hot
Monsoon showers that can be experienced here during this time period bring down the mercury level a bit. The weather is still not the best for tourism, as increased humidity continues to make travelling difficult here. Heavy rains, sometimes resulting in water clogging and floods, restrict various tourist activities. Planning a trip to Rajabhatkawa during this time is not advisable.
August Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Because of extended monsoon season, heavy rainfall can be witnessed here in August as well. Days are warmer than nights. Temperature drops to some extent due to continuous rains, but outdoor activities and sightseeing are still hindered because of humid and unpleasant weather. It is not one of the best times for visiting Rajabhatkawa. Thus, holidaying here during this period is not recommended.
September Moderately hot
Moderately hot
September brings along occasional rainfall, which stops by the end of this month. The scorching heat weakens during this period, but one cannot escape from humid weather. Although the park is closed, it can be a good time to enjoy the panoramic beauty and picturesque views of the city which looks great after the rains. Light cotton clothes are advisable when travelling to Rajabhatkawa during this time.
October Pleasant
Being the post monsoon season, the weather in the region during this month is mild. Pleasant days and nights make the climate comfortable and suitable for travelling. Usually the sky is clear. Nearby attractions and villages can be explored without any hassle. Allowing the tourists to indulge in various tourist activities, it is one of the best times for tourism.
November Pleasant
The temperature begins to drop a bit by this month. Pleasant days and even more comfortable nights can be experienced. Taking a trip to this city becomes even more enjoyable in such a climate. It is advisable to visit Rajabhatkawa during this month, as one can participate in various tourist activities. Moreover, the parks and other famous nearby attractions are also easily accessible.
December Pleasant
Winters hit the city with the beginning of December. Cold winds that blow in the region make the days cold and the nights colder. Cool ambience allows the tourists to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities without any hassle. One of the best times to explore the Tiger Reserve that is located nearby, this period is highly recommended for tourism.

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