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Puttaparthi enjoys great popularity among tourists who are coming from India as well as other countries not only because of its natural beauty, but also because it is a major pilgrimage destination as well.

The climate of Puttaparthi is more or less tropical, which means that there is a rather intense summer and monsoon in this region which might pose a problem for tourists. The summers of Puttaparthi are well known for their intense combination of heat and humidity, the combination of which can deter even the staunchest of outdoor tourists. The intense sunlight during this season means that tourists should definitely wear appropriate clothing and use aids which can protect them from the day time sun in this season. The monsoons of Puttaparthi, albeit not as intense as the rains in some other parts of India, are more than able to disrupt any plans which the tourists might have made beforehand. The unpredictable nature of the monsoons' intensity means that any such plans involving going outside must be delayed, till the inclement weather clears up. The winters of Puttaparthi however are very comfortable and usually indicate the start of the tourist season.


November to February – Weather stays pleasant and comfortable during these months. These are among the most popular months for tourists to experience the natural and spiritual beauty of this place.


March to June – Puttaparthi’s climate has its share of tropical summers, deterring outdoor – bound tourists from going outside in the heat, thus limiting tourism possibilities.


July to October – Monsoons in Puttaparthi give the natural beauty of this place a great boost, making it alluring for tourists who want to witness scenic views. Going outdoors however, is a limited option in this season.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
The month of January brings with itself pleasant day time temperature, thanks to the clear blue skies and the balmy sunshine. Weather at night time is rather pleasant as well, making the month of January one of the best months for tourists to not only come and visit this city, but to indulge in various travelling and sightseeing related tourist activities as well.
February Pleasant
Climate in February is rather pleasant, with plentiful blue skies and breezy nights, making this month one of the best times to visit the city and explore various religious attractions which this spiritual city has to offer its guests. This month sees plenty of tourists coming to this city as a part of their pilgrimages, giving tourists a taste of the spiritual importance of this city.
March Warm
The temperature in this month begins increasing as the summer season starts to make its presence felt. There are times during this month wherein bright sunshine and clear skies heat up the region to a point wherein many tourists will have a problem going outdoors to take part in the various tourist activities they wished to.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Summer season begins as the bright sun begins to scorch the region. Many tourists who travel to Puttaparthi in this month might feel uncomfortable with the intense heat that this region experiences across this season, at times forcing them to cancel any plans they might have made for going outside and indulging in outdoor activities.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
This month is not very favorable for outdoor activities. High temperatures witnessed throughout this month make indulging in outdoor activities highly improbable. Besides the proximity of this city to the sea and the rise in levels of humidity make going outdoors a very uncomfortable experience for tourists. With the humidity and heat across the month, tourist visits are not recommended.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
The heat and the humidity which Puttaparthi and the surrounding regions experience during this month makes prospects of going outside and taking part in spiritual or tourist activities like sightseeing and temple visits highly improbable. The temperature does drop towards the last week of the month, with intermittent showers marking the beginning of the monsoon season in Puttaparthi but tourists will be hard pressed to find days wherein they can go outside and enjoy sightseeing.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
First few days of this month see the rainfall from the month before it increasing in both its frequency as well as intensity. Compared to other places in India, monsoons in Puttaparthi are not very intense. However, the sweltering weather, thanks to the abundant humidity during these months, can give tourists some discomfort when on long outdoor trips.
August Warm
Rainfall begins to slow down through the first week of this month, coming to a stop by the second week. There is still a lot of humidity in this region, so even with the relatively lower level of heat as compared to the summer season; tourists might feel a lot more uncomfortable whenever they decide to venture outdoors.
September Warm
Weather in this month is similar to August, but tourists can head outdoors and enjoy short trips outside if they can handle the level of heat and humidity which is prevalent across this month. For these reasons, tourists can take part in outdoor trips which are short in duration so the sweltering heat doesn’t overwhelm them.
October Pleasant
Intermittent rain is witnessed in this month, but instead of impeding any outdoor plans of the tourists, these rains serve the purpose of reducing the day time temperature across the month, making outdoor plans far more inviting. Cool breezes which sweep across this city in the last half of the month make this month the best for outdoor travel.
November Pleasant
Month of November is one of the most preferred by those people who come to Puttaparthi for its religious significance. Tourists can get to enjoy a whole new set of sights and sounds which are unique to this city and can also enjoy the spiritual ambience of this month. The temperature throughout this month is fairly pleasant and comfortable.
December Pleasant
This month is highly preferred by tourists who come to Puttaparthi from colder climates since the temperatures dip down to extremely comfortable levels. Pleasant climate combined with the reduction in humidity means that outdoor travel and sightseeing activities can be easily enjoyed by tourists who are visiting this spiritual holiday destination.

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