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An important town of Rajasthan, Pushkar is renowned for its Pushkar festival. Being a part of the state known for its hot weather, Pushkar also experiences hot and sultry climate in most of the months of the year. The best time to be at this place is from


October to February- The pleasant climate makes this season the most ideal time to be here. Temperature in this month varies from 8°C to 22°C. The renowned Pushkar festival also takes place in the month of November.


March to July- Summer season is undoubtedly hot and the temperature even rises to 40°C. Apart from being hot, the dry climate is also another characteristic of this season. Scorching sun makes it bit difficult to move around during the daytime; however cool evenings can surely be used to explore this place.


August to September- It is the time of average rainfall in this area, and climate is also a bit humid. Even in these months rainfall is not really common and there might be many days without any rain.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very cold
Very cold
The weather of Pushkar is very cold in this month and the temperature can sometimes scoop down to subzero level. The sky usually remains clear, thus making the climate bearable. Offering a good time for sightseeing and exciting outdoor activities, this period is recommended for tourism. Carrying woolen clothes is recommended when visiting Pushkar during this time to stay comfortable.
February Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Cold weather can be experienced in Pushkar during this period. While the days are pleasant, the nights are a bit cold. It is a great month to enjoy adventure activities and sightseeing here. Pleasant climate during daytime makes it possible for the tourists to explore this desert region conveniently. Carrying light woolens is advised when planning a trip to this place.
March Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The weather of Pushkar is pleasant during this month. The days are sunny, but the cool breeze that blows in the evenings drops the temperature, making the nights cooler than the days. March is considered as one of the best months to indulge in outdoor activities, sightseeing and to explore other attractions. Light woolen apparels are suitable for this weather.
April Very hot
Very hot
Although, the weather is hot during the days, the nights are pleasant. The temperature can rise up to a level that is too high and almost unbearable. Scorching heat makes it difficult for the tourists to enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing. As this time is not suitable for outdoor activities, thus this period is not considered as an ideal time for tourism.
May Very hot
Very hot
High temperature and warm weather hit the city during this month. Tremendous heat and high mercury levels make it impossible for people to step out. Sightseeing and tourist activities are restricted because of continuous scorching heat. Resorts and hotels start offering discounts because of off-season. Thus you can get holiday packages at discounted rates if travelling to Pushkar during this period.
June Very hot
Very hot
Continuous heat waves and high temperature can be experienced during this month. The days are sunny, making it difficult to bear the hot weather. Although, monsoon can hit the city by the end of this month, it cannot prevent the temperature from rising. Hindering tourist activities and making travelling uncomfortable, it is not a good time to explore this place.
Month Climate Details
July Very hot
Very hot
The month of July continues to experience hot weather, but the rainfall helps in lowering the temperature a bit. This period still does not offer a perfect time for tourism, as irregular and less rains result in increased humidity, making the climate uncomfortable and inhospitable. As far as local activities and sightseeing is concerned, immense heat restricts people from going out in the sun.
August Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Occasional rainfall experienced in the region in this month results in pleasant temperature during the nights. The days are still hot and the humidity accompanied by tremendous heat restricts the travelers from enjoying outdoor trips. The scorching heat sometimes adversely affects people’s health as well. Thus this might not be a good time to plan a holiday trip to Pushkar.
September Moderately hot
Moderately hot
The temperature still continues to remain moderately hot in September. Rainfall is not regular and completely stops by the end of this month. Hot climate leads to uncomfortable days and nights. Not many people prefer to plan a trip to Pushkar during this period, as one might not be able to enjoy outdoor activities and sightseeing because of unpleasant weather.
October Pleasant
Tourist season starts with the beginning of this month, as the region offers pleasant weather. Cool winds that blow here during this period make the weather suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. One can experience relief from scorching heat and uncomfortable weather. Considered as an ideal time for tourism, October is one of the best months for holidaying in Pushkar.
November Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The weather during this month is pleasant, making it a perfect time for tourism in Pushkar. The climate is pleasant during the days, but the nights are nippy. Light woolen clothes can be worn during the night. Apart from exploring this place, the pleasant weather allows the tourists to enjoy the famous Pushkar Fair which is held here during this month.
December Very cold
Very cold
Being one of the coldest months, it can be the best suitable time for sightseeing and travelling in Pushkar. Cold breeze makes the temperature pleasant and ideal for enjoying outdoor trips. Days are sunny, but the temperature falls rapidly after sunset, resulting in colder evenings and nights. Carrying heavy woolens is recommended when planning a trip to Pushkar during this month.

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