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Partly Cloudy
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Puri is a large depository of famous temples and architecture of India. Lying across the seaside on the eastern coast of Orissa, the city experiences tranquil climatic conditions.

Puri is blessed by the nature's beauty and balmy weather conditions, so you can visit this place in any month of the year. Climate in Puri is highly influenced by sea; however, if you plan a visit during some certain months, you can witness the utmost charm of the holy city. The most suitable months are June to March, as this is the time when you can catch a glimpse of the famous Chariot festival of Puri. These months offer numerous options for sightseeing and visiting local attractions that make tourists and devotes spellbound. Along with this, beaches are also very popular that keep visitors enthralled and persuade them to come here again and again. Monsoons and winters have soothing temperatures, which makes the overall climate comfortable for pilgrimage visits.


Winters –December –February –winters here start from November, with temperature ranging between 10°C and 18°C. Days are cold and accompanied with cool winds, thus making this period well suited for carrying out all types of tourist activities.


Summers – March – May – summers in Puri are hot with temperature staying within comfort zone. It attracts maximum tourists in this season thus making it ideal for enjoying beach activities and travelling across the city.


Monsoon –June–September– these months witness medium to heavy monsoon showers. Puri is known for amazing places and tranquility. For rain lovers this is an ideal weather to take pleasure in.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
January experiences mild cold climate. Temperature is moderate accompanied with pleasant and sunny days whereas nights are chilly. Puri attracts visitors and lulls them into a soporific haze along with the celebration of Makar Mela held in this month. It is advisable to carry light woolens during your trip.
February Pleasant
This month witnesses clear sky and plenty of sunshine, thus making the destination favorable for tourism. The beauty and amazing structural design of Rani Gumpha, HathiGumpha and Ajanta Gumpha are impressive and attract tourists to explore the beauty of the caves time and again. For nature enthusiasts, the place is worth spending your vacations with the beauty of natural vistas at its peak.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The weather during this month is rather inviting as the spring season makes its presence felt. The temperature rises to a moderately hot range thus warming up the surroundings. A good time for visiting the attractions, the Nalaban Forests around the Chilka Lake and enjoying adventure sports add more spark in its popularity, thus making it an ideal time to explore this region.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
The place undergoes sweltering climatic conditions in this month. The days are hot which make the use of sun tan lotions and light cotton clothes necessary. In fact, the cool winds in the evening stabilize the overall temperature and thus planning up beach activities and travelling around the city, can be best enjoyed in this month.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
This month experiences extreme summers. Tourists, especially from colder regions, might find this to be unpleasant, so appropriate measures like sun gears are recommended. Though the sky is devoid of clouds but the festivity of the place overshadows the scorching heat. Jhamu Yatra Kakatapur is celebrated with full pomp as the town is flooded by vast multitude of visitors who travel to Puri seeking salvation.
June Rainy
June is the month wherein the temperature starts to fall due to the onset of monsoon. This month receives decent amount of rainfall, thus balancing the overall temperature. Puri witnesses numerous fairs and festivals held on its land. Innumerable locals and visitors take part in the celebrations with full enthusiasm. It is recommended that you avoid any activity around the sea because of humidity and heavy showers.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
This month witnesses heavy showers and is the wettest month of the year. There may be days when rainfall is accompanied by thunderstorms, in such season it is better not to opt for outdoor activity. With slight variation in temperature the rains are expected to lower down, which turn out to be favorable to enjoy temple visits and also witness Puri Jagannath Car festival, which is the most awaited festival of the city.
August Rainy
In this month Puri witnesses stabilized monsoon showers. Mostly the sky remains clear and there are chances that rainfall might occur in the evening, making the nights cold. For rain lovers, August offers a great opportunity to indulge in celebration of Julana Purnima and plan pilgrimage visits.
September Pleasant
The climate during this month is soothing with days offering warmth and nights are cold. Temperature is within bearable range because of the cool breeze that flows through the region. Tourists can view the blue and cloudless sky and for those who want to enjoy the sea shore and beaches along with wildlife, this month is apt to explore Puri.
October Pleasant
October has pleasant climatic conditions. Clear sky and abundant warmth dominate this month. This season has maximum tourist's influx. With the natural vistas in their full swing and celebrations of some tribal festivals, these are some of the major attractions of the state.
November Pleasant
November is the peak month for tourism. With cool days and cozy nights, the overall weather becomes pleasant for spending a perfect vacation with family. Temperature is expected to lower down by the end of this month and winters begin to set in, so it is advisable to carry your woolens when planning a trip to Puri.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The tropical climate of Orissa and pleasant winters make December the prime month for holidaying. The region is very beautiful with lot of greenery and moderately cold weather. This month invites tourists to come and enjoy the fairs and festivals; it is assured that this will be an amazing experience. Carrying woolen clothes is must in this season.

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