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Sited in the Madhya Pradesh state of India, Pench has tropical climatic conditions and this region can be best explored in the months from October to March.


November to February- These four months constitute the winter season and in the month of January temperature even reaches the freezing point. So do not forget to carry your woolens with you to stay warm and comfortable.


April to June- Summer season of Pench is quite hot, as the maximum temperature in this season can reach up to 45°C. However, even if the temperature is quite high, it is considered a good time to spot different animals in this National Park.


July to September- Under the influence of South West Monsoon, this place receives quite heavy rainfall, thus making it a bit difficult for you to move around the park at times. But it is an ideal time to see the diversity of flora here and you can take pleasure of a number of other fun activities as well.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month is considered to be good to visit Pench National Park. During this month, one can admire the treasures of wild flora and fauna in the nature park. The days start getting warmer from this month but the temperature during nighttime remains comfortable. Due to temperature fluctuations, visitors travelling to this park are recommended to carry woolen clothing to remain comfortable.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Due to a slight rise in temperature, the nature park experiences cold climate with a spark of sunshine. This month is favorable to visit the park and spend memorable time with family and friends. People planning a trip here during these days can spot a wide array of natural creatures including wild animals and beautiful avifauna along with the splendor of dense forests nestled all around.
March Pleasant
With the commencing of this month, you can expect warmth in the temperature. The environs are pleasing with a mesmerizing blend of natural light and cool breeze, making your trip an amusing one. If you are visiting the park during this time, then you can expect to experience amazing forest life in a very calm and tranquil atmosphere while wandering through the park.
April Pleasant
The soothing weather of this month welcomes summer vacationers to have an unforgettable experience in the park. Say good bye to your woolen clothes and pack your favorite summer outfits, to enjoy the charm of magnificent landscapes and lush surroundings. Being the very first month of summer season, you will find it the right time to explore the natural beauty.
May Hot
Weather becomes hot as the temperature rises to a few more degrees. In this tropical climate, the forest will act like a sundeck for you, where you can indulge in remarkable fun under the shade of high rising trees. Though summers are very hot here, but this month is the peak point to reach the lovely destination, Pench National Park.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Being the warmest time of the year, June is clumsily hot and humid. The average temperature climbs swiftly and reaches a maximum point. However, the presence of verdant woodlands never lets the park lose its charm. Bring your trendy hats and you are ready to discover the park and its natural exquisiteness, which is incomparable to anyplace else in the world.
Month Climate Details
July Hot
The mercury begins to rise and it might be a little uncomfortable for the tourists. Summer season is at its peak during this month of the year. Sightseers who would like to stay away from the warm temperature of the cities can come and relax in the lap of nature. Vacationers require umbrellas and sunglasses to escape from the warmth of the sun.
August Rainy
This month greets the drizzling pearls from the blue sky and thus making it a great time to spend in the tropical forest. Watching the creatures playing in the rain is a unique experience. Photographers can expect to click some amazing pictures of nature and its beings, allowing them to capture the best of this park in their cameras during this rainy month.
September Heavy Rainfall
Heavy Rainfall
The clouds in the sky drench the park with rain in this month and it is a memorable experience to see the park enveloped in a green blanket of grasslands. In every direction you will see the green grasslands and astonishing landscapes. If you have never enjoyed a leisurely walk on moist grass, then give it a try in this period and indulge in non-stop fun.
October Pleasant
The weather becomes pleasant with the onset of winter season in this time of the year. Many visitors plan their trip to Pench National Park during this season, as they can explore the scenic beauty of this place in the enjoyable weather of winters. Watching the animals dwelling freely in the lush environs is sure to fill you energy.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The cold temperature of this park keeps on decreasing further; however, it is not cold enough to deter the spirit of nature lovers. In this time period, you will see very less number of tourists in the park and thus you are most likely to see the sights hassle free. This can be also be the best period for romantic escapes.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
The cool climate of the park reaches its climax in this month. But do not get intimidated by the chilly temperature since every month adds to the magnificence of this park. If you are planning a tour to Pench National Park in this month, then wear your warmer and gear up to witness the wild animals in their natural habitat.

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