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Pemayangtse - a renowned Buddhist monastery

Renowned for its monasteries, Pemayangtse is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage center in the province of Sikkim. Located near Pelling, the Pemayangtse Monastery is surrounded by Eastern Himalayas, thus offering tranquil exquisiteness and soothing weather conditions, perfect for tourism.

The region has a glorious past associated with it, which tells the story of its establishment. Initially, when areas of Darjeeling, Bhutan and Tibet were under the reign of Sikkim, the surrounding region of Pemayangtse was under the control of Nyingamapa division of Tibetan Buddhism, who believed in ruling the dynasty within limited scopes, rather than worshipping and spreading its tradition and culture worldwide. Then in 1705, it was Lama Lhatsun Chempo, who founded this monastery. Today Pemayangtse Monastery is a part of the Dubdi Monastery and the Buddhist pilgrimage. Along with this, the hidden Sangacholing Monastery also came into existence in 1697. You can see huge scores of tourists and Buddhist monks who often visit these monasteries.

Situated at a height of2000 meters above the sea level with a backdrop of snow covered mountains and shimmering valleys, the structure of the monastery and the use of frescoes, accompanied with numerous wall paintings and statues of Padmasambahva and his consorts make it among the most amazing and largest monasteries in Sikkim.

Apart from this the place offers some exciting outdoor activities as well, including trekking trails and hiking. These interesting activities invite many adventure lovers to have pleasure in its serene environs. Also the festivals celebrated in the region, namely the Tibetan New Year and the renowned Losar festival add delight to your trip and are worth watching.

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