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The house of renowned Payyoli Beach, Payyoli is a small town near Calicut. Like many other parts of India this place also experiences three types of season, namely winter, summer and monsoon.


November to February- It is the season when temperature varies from 32°C to 18°C. Overall it is a pleasing season and thus one can indulge in sightseeing and many other outdoor activities.


February to May – This season is dominated by hot days. Temperature in these months varies from 32°C to 24°C. Cool evening brings a relief from the scorching heat of the day. Evenings here can be used to explore the whole place properly.


June to September- Monsoon is a highly preferred time to visit Payyoli. Rainfall is mild to moderate in these months. Travelling can become a bit difficult in these months but one can take pleasure of a number of activities and plan short trips.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
The city experiences mild cold weather, providing pleasant ambiance in this month. Mercury during the hours of daylight is higher than that during evenings, resulting in relatively warm days and pleasant nights. It is an ideal month for visiting nearby attractions including the famous religious sites and pristine beaches. Temperate weather favors outdoor activities as well, making this period suitable or tourist visit.
February Pleasant
February proffers pleasant atmosphere with comfortably warm days and mild nights. The sky is usually clear and sun shines through. Cooling sea breeze blowing in the region plays a major role in maintaining mercury within bearable range, making it one of the perfect months for enjoying tourist visit to this small, alluring town. Weather is suitable for carrying out sightseeing, beach activities and other outdoor adventures.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
March marks the beginning of summer season. Temperature rises a bit and makes the weather little warm, especially during daytime. Mild sea breeze lowers the mercury level in the evenings. It is the last month, before the advent of scorching summers, to indulge in outdoor activities and travel around the place. Severity of summers increases from the end of this month with temperature rising beyond liking of tourists.
April Moderately hot
Moderately hot
The region is under the influence of warm climate and hot winds. Days are accompanied by plenty of sunshine, causing inconvenience to those travelling out. Nights can offer some relief from blistering heat. Intermittent pre-monsoon showers can be experienced, making the climate somewhat comfortable. This period is not appropriate for enjoying day trips and outdoor adventures. However, indoor activities and evening walks can be enjoyed.
May Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Summer season is considered to be at its peak during this hottest month of the year. Days are unpleasantly hot while nights are pretty pleasant. Excessive sunshine preoccupies the region, restricting tourist visit. This might not be a perfect period to enjoy any kind of outdoor activities. However, those immune to heat can travel here and relish serene ambiance as the town gets less crowded.
June Rainy
Gratifying showers lashing the region marks the advent of monsoon. Frequent rainfall proffers relief from burning heat, but restricts outdoor affairs as well. The level of humidity increases, making it challenging for the tourists to enjoy day tours. Although, this period is not suitable for holidaying in Payyoli, it is appropriate for leisure checkers. Moreover, discounts on accommodation and holiday packages can be availed due to off-season.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Monsoon continues, offering sufficient rainfall to the area. Mercury dips down to an extent, but level of humidity is still high. Clear skies can rarely be witnessed in breaks. This period is not favorable for engaging in outdoor adventures, but those who love outings in rain can enjoy beach activities. Budget holidaymakers can benefit from this period by availing discounted rates on accommodation and tour packages.
August Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Occasional monsoon showers lash the area. Weather is moderately hot and humid. Vacationers might encounter trouble while venturing out or engaging in open-air activities. But, the natural beauty of the place blossoms in these days after flattering downpours bestow fresh look upon lush green environs, making this month ideal for sightseeing, especially for nature lovers. Carrying rain gears is advised when travelling out.
September Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Long extended south west monsoon lasts till this month. Short downpours are expected in the area and are not annoyance to travelers. The sky is clear for most of the days, imparting beautiful sunshine. Holidaymakers begin to throng the place from this month. The weather is moderate and suitable for exploring the land. Temperate climatic conditions favor city excursions and sighting attractions as well.
October Rainy
After south west monsoon, north east monsoon rules the region. The town gets drenched with pleasing showers that do not cause any kind of hassle to vacationers. Sky is a mix of white and blue. Fairly warm days lead mild nights. This period is suitable for exploring the city and enjoying exciting beach activities. Carrying raincoats and umbrellas is, however, advised.
November Rainy
The city offers pleasant weather after receiving flattering rainfall. Occasional downpour can interrupt outdoor journeys and open-air adventures at times, but is not displeasure to holidaymakers. Atmosphere becomes temperate and is suitable for travelling across the city. Apart from exploring nearby attractions, tourists can take pleasure in a number of other exhilarating activities such as bird watching, sightseeing and evening beach walks.
December Pleasant
December offers pleasurable weather, featuring beautiful sunny days and mild cold nights. Allowing the tourists to enjoy a trip to this place under comfortable and pleasant climatic conditions, this month is one of the peak seasons for tourist visits. Beach activities, local voyage, sightseeing and other tourist affairs are easily accessible due to pleasant ambiance. Sufficient amount of crowd can be expected here during this period.

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