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Located in the district of Bagalkot, the town of Pattadakal is home to different heritage sites and is well known for its magnificent ancient architecture. The best season to plan a trip is the winter season.

The best time to visit this beautiful heritage city is from the month of October till the month of March. These months offer pleasant weather which is perfect for enjoying the charm of the town and to explore the nearby cities. This city is regarded as a paradise for religiously inclined people as it is home to various temples dedicated to different gods. Summer months offer warm climate which is ideal for visiting different temples that are located in and around Pattadakal. The beauty of these temples beholds a person’s attention. Different stories that mark the history of these temples can leave the listeners astounded. Rain lovers can enjoy the monsoons of Pattadakal as mild rainfall is a feature of this season. The picturesque beauty of this hamlet can be experienced in these months. Different festive celebrations can also be enjoyed around this time by the travelers.


November to February- With the maximum temperature being 32°C and the minimum remaining 10°C, Pattadakal experiences pleasant winters. These months remain ideal for exploring the nearby attractions and for getting involved in outdoor activities.


March to May- Pattadakal experiences hot climate during this season as the temperature ranges between 22°C to 40°C. Evening climate remains pleasant for carrying out and enjoying different activities.


June to September- Mild rainfall marks the presence of monsoon season and a dip in the temperature is observed. Short trip in and around this city can be planned during this season to feel refreshed.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
Month of January experiences cool and pleasant Weather. This is an ideal time for visiting Pattadakal as the climate during the evenings remaining cold. Exploring the city during this time can be an enriching experience for people who have interest in ancient history and civilization. The city of Pattadakal experiences a large rush of tourists during this month.
February Pleasant
Month of February is regarded as a preferred month for planning a vacation to Pattadakal as the weather remains pleasant. Tourists can enjoy exploring the city and the areas that lie around it. Different outdoor activities that the city of Pattadakal has to offer can be enjoyed by the visitors. Weather during the day time remains pleasant while the evenings are cool.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Month of March marks the beginning of summer season and slight rise in the temperature is observed. Weather remains comfortably hot throughout the day. Tourists can enjoy their visit to various temples, such as Jain Temple, Mallikarjuna Temple and the Sangamesvara Temple that lie in the vicinity of the region. These temples are beautifully constructed and are the oldest temples in the region.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Weather in the month of April remains very hot, therefore indoor activities are more preferred around this time. With the temperature soaring up to 38°C, this is regarded as the hottest month of the year and is not a good time for sightseeing. Travelers prefer to carry sun protecting gear during this time to avoid getting sun burns.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
Very hot climate marks the beginning of May. The scorching sun makes it impractical to move around the city. Religiously inclined people can still visit the famous historical temples. A visit to the Galaganath Temple can be a wonderful experience as this temple houses Shiva Linga and some idols of Kubera and Gajalakshmi. Pre monsoon showers are also experienced in this month.
June Rainy
Month of June marks the beginning of monsoon season and heavy showers lash the city. Travelers can get relief from the scorching sun as a dip in the temperature is experienced due to regular rainfall. Short trips to the city can be planned by the rain lovers to experience the beauty of the region during monsoon season.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Heavy monsoon showers accompanied by strong winds are a feature of the month of July. Occasional thunderstorm can also occur in his month, thus lowering the temperature to a significant level. Rain lovers can plan their vacations around this time to enjoy a visit to different temples. The city of Pattadakal witnesses heavy rainfall in this month.
August Rainy
Monsoon continues to lash the region, making the weather pleasant to plan short trips. An increase in the level of humidity is observed during this month. Lush ambiance of the region can be enjoyed by nature enthusiasts and by those people who love rain, as rains make this place look very lively and more enjoyable.
September Pleasant
Occasional showers can still be observed in the month of September. Cool breeze blowing throughout the day makes the climate pleasant for carrying out different tourist activities. Various exhibitions are organized by local residents to attract the visitors and from there you can buy handicrafts and other such stuff. Carrying rain gear in this month is a wise thing to do.
October Pleasant
Month of October remains popular among the tourists for planning visits to Pattadakal. This month offers moderate and pleasant weather to carry out different outdoor activities. Art lovers can visit and admire the magnificent architecture of different temples. A glimpse of different styles of architecture, Nagara style and Dravidian style, can be observed in the monuments of this city.
November Pleasant
Onset of winter season is marked with the beginning of the month of November. Weather remains within comfortable range, making it an ideal month for travelling. Tourists can visit the city around this time to experience the beauty of this place. Weather during the evenings remains cooler as compared to the day time.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December offers mild cold climate as the days remain pleasing, followed by chilly nights. This month witnesses a huge rush of tourists as people in large numbers throng the city to seek Lord’s blessings. While visiting different tourist attractions, visitors prefer to wear warm cloths to protect themselves from the cold climate of the region.

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