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A highly popular town in the magnificent state of Jammu and Kashmir, Patnitop is a stunning hill station. With a temperate climate, Patnitop has something unique to offer in every season and this is the reason why it is visited by a large number of people


November to February- Quite a cool season, temperature in these months varies from 24°C to -14°C. Snowfall is common in these months, and this an ideal time for skiing fanatics to be here.


April to June- Summer season of Patnitop is quite mild and thus it is the most inviting season also. The average temperature during the day is around 40°C, however at night it drops down to 5°C, making the nights a bit cold.


July to September- This season is not very harsh; in fact the place receives moderate rainfall, which makes sure that all your plans are not hampered by the showers. It is an ideal time for nature lovers to be here, as one can see the true mesmerizing power of nature in this season at Patnitop.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very cold and snowfall
Very cold and snowfall
The city is held by extreme winters during this month. Days are cool while temperature dips down during evenings, resulting in freezing nights. With mercury below subzero level, snowfall is common and the region proffers good opportunity for adventure seekers to indulge in snow skiing. The natural charm of the place, showcasing snow-capped mountain ranges and picturesque landscapes are worth exploring. Carrying heavy woolens is advised.
February Very cold and snowfall
Very cold and snowfall
Extreme winters last till February, offering cold days and nippy nights. The region is preoccupied with heavy sheets of snow and fresh snowfall can be expected. Chilly winds dominate the region, but the weather is comfortable for travelling out and exploring nearby places of interest. Travelling here during this month can add to the adventure as thrilling activity of snow skiing is best enjoyed during this period.
March Very cold
Very cold
Mercury begins to rise, making days less cold. However, evenings and nights continue to be chilly. Although snowfall subsides by this month, the tranquil town can receive the same occasionally. Sun shines in breaks, making the atmosphere suitable to explore the place and behold the natural panorama of the area. Electrifying activity of snow skiing is also pleasurable. Make sure to carry woolens when travelling here.
April Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The month of April marks mild winters, proffering beautiful days with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. Nights are a bit cold. Snow starts to melt and the region reveals lush green environs, making it an ideal time for sightseeing. Cooling winds preoccupy the area, maintaining coldness in the atmosphere. It is a good time to travel in and around the exotic place and explore splendid attractions.
May Pleasant
May is considered to mark the beginning of summer season. The climate is pleasant with comfortably warm days. Evenings and nights are fairly cold. Bright sunshine dominates the region, making the weather favorable for enjoying local voyage and carrying out exciting outdoor activities like trekking, mountain climbing, camp sighting and paragliding. Holidaymakers can also take pleasure in exploring hilly terrains and mesmerizing lush green surroundings.
June Moderately hot
Moderately hot
June is the hottest month of the year, proffering warm, yet comfortable weather. Pleasant sunny days lead mild cold nights. Cooling breeze coupled with sunshine maintains pleasant ambiance, enabling the vacationers to indulge in outdoor adventures, visit nearby attractions and behold panoramic grandeur of the place, making it an ideal period for tourism. Those who want to enjoy snow need to climb higher altitudes.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Monsoon hits the land, but the city continues to enjoy temperate climate since rainy season is not harsh here. Moderate rainfall is not annoyance to travelers. Tourist visit is still enjoyable during this period. Vacationers can travel around the place and explore nearby attractions. It is a good time to capture the natural beauty of the place. Make sure to carry rain gears when venturing out.
August Rainy
The serene town of Patnitop receives medium rainfall during monsoon season. Level of humidity rises a bit, but is not displeasure to vacationers. The place showcases amazing beauty, leaving the visitors spell bound. Rain drops pouring on the lush green environment bestow new life upon them. Gushing waterfalls, paddy terrains and lofty mountain peaks are worth exploring during this month. Carrying rain gears is advisable.
September Rainy
This month offers a good time to visit Patnitop, especially for those who are fascinated by nature. Alluring landscapes, verdant foliage and lush green surroundings make the place paradise for nature enthusiasts. The natural charm of the land is at its zenith during monsoon. Pleasant weather favors sightseeing activities. It is viable to carry raincoats and umbrellas when taking up outdoor voyage.

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