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Humidity 48% Wind 11 kph (Direction: SW)

A city of Punjab, Pathankot is also called the gateway of Jammu and Kashmir, which connects this state with rest of India. Climatic conditions are warm in most of the months, while the best time to be here is from October to November.


December to February- Like the rest of the cities of Punjab, the winters are quite cold here, when temperature even drops down to 1°C. However, the days are a bit warm, when the average temperature is around 26°C. Heavy woolen clothing is a must for this season.


March to June- Summer season is quite hot, as with every month the temperature rises quickly. May is the hottest month, when the temperature rises up to 43°C.


July to September- Monsoon season is a limited season here, which brings moderate rainfall in the area, thus making sure that your plans for sightseeing are not held back. Temperature in these months decreases by a few degrees.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very cold
Very cold
Cold waves grip the city tightly, making it a suitable time for holidaying. Pathankot temperature can dip to a low of 0°C to 1°C therefore extra precaution should be taken when travelling with small children or old people. Cold days are followed by equally chilly nights which might make travelling to the region difficult. However if you are looking forward to spend some quality time with your loved one, a trip to Pathankot can be planned around this month.
February Cold
Climatic conditions of the region remain comfortable and pleasant during this month. Tourists who wish to take up a spiritual journey can plan a visit in the month of February. The cultural heritage and historical attractions of the region attracts vacationers who have deep interest to know more about a place. Some of the most famous attractions of the city can be visited to enjoy the trip to the maximum.
March Pleasant
Onset of spring season enhances the beauty of the city many folds. Temperature begins to rise but remains within the comfortable ranges. Natural greenery is at its maximum in the month of March. Cool breeze helps to keep the temperature low making it easier for the tourists to indulge in outdoor activities along with taking up sightseeing affairs. Take your camera along to click some amazingly beautiful pictures.
April Moderately hot
Moderately hot
On the arrival of summer season, steep increase in the temperature is observed in the month of April but the weather remains within comfortable ranges. Different activities including adventure sports and sightseeing affairs can be enjoyed in this month. It is a wise decision to carry sun protective gears as the summer sun can sometimes be really harsh on the visitors.
May Moderately hot
Moderately hot
With the temperature soaring up to 43°C, May is considered as the hottest month of the year. Vacationers generally do not plan an excursion in this month but if you are planning for budget vacation, May is the right time to do so. Being an off season, hotels and tour package providers offer heavy discounts on their services. Choose a suitable package and visit this amazing destination.
June Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Pathankot receives plenty of sunshine which makes the region moderately hot. Warm days are followed by comparatively cooler nights. This month is tagged as not a good time for tourism however religious tourists can still visit the city to seek lord’s blessings. Vacationers can also indulge in sightseeing affairs along with planning a day’s tour. Remember to protect small children from the strong sun rays.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Pathankot receives heavy rainfall and July marks the beginning of monsoon season. Rain may hinder tourist activities but for all those who love rains; this is the best month to plan a trip. Increase in the level of humidity is also observed in this month. Therefore it is a wise decision to carry an umbrella or rain protective gears when travelling to Pathankot in July.
August Rainy
Down pour continues, making it a challenge for the travelers to take pleasure in different outdoor activities. Natural beauty of the city is enhanced by the frequent rainfall. The beautiful landscapes enclosed by lush green surroundings are worth exploring. Photography enthusiasts can click some exquisite pictures of the natural charm of the region. Carry an umbrella when venturing out to deal with the downpour.
September Rainy
Frequent rainfall helps to lower the temperature of the city making the climate cool and pleasant. The landscape looks majestic, making the city any photographer’s delight. Sun shines through the cloudy sky giving a golden glow to the city. Nature during the month of September is beyond word therefore a trip in this month can leave some everlasting memories in the mind of the visitors.
October Pleasant
Temperature remains within pleasant and comfortable ranges and festive celebrations in this month makes it more alluring and inviting. Tourist visiting the region in October can become a part of different cultural events to get an insight of the region’s history. This month also offers good time to delve in sightseeing affairs and different tourist activities. Therefore choose a suitable holiday package and enjoy a trip to Pathankot.
November Pleasant
Winter season starts to descend in, making the days cool while the nights cold. Vacationers planning an adventurous trip to the city can enjoy to the maximum around this time. If travelling with small children and aged people tourists are advised to carry warm woolen clothes as the nights can sometimes become biting cold. Cool wind blowing throughout the day keeps the day’s weather within pleasurable limits.
December Very cold
Very cold
Advent of winters is marked with the beginning of December with the days and nights remaining extremely cold. This is a good month to explore different attractions that the city has to offer. Outings and day trip can be enjoyed amidst the cool weather of the city. Although it is a perfect time for tourism but people travelling with small children and elders should take extreme precautions.

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