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Humidity 61% Wind 1.4 kph (Direction: NNE)

Gateway to Konkan region, Panvel is a small town located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. This place witnesses tropical climate, which varies from dry to wet conditions, as per the season.


December to February- The best season to be in Panvel, winter has the maximum temperature of around 30°C, however minimum temperature is around 18°C. January has the lowest temperature, while other months are quite comfortable and pleasing. These are just ideal for the sightseeing and other outdoor activities.


March to June- Summer season in Panvel is hot and humid. Temperature during these months varies from 21°C to 33°C. May is the hottest month of this season.


June to September- These months of the year experience extensive rainfall. Under the effect of South West monsoon, these showers lower down the temperature by a few degrees, thus making the temperature quite pleasant. It is the time when one can see the nature at its full bloom.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
January is a winter month which is dominated by balmy breeze and clear sky. This is the most pleasant time to explore different attractions which are present in and around the city. Climate of the city completely favors visitors and helps them to plan outings, sightseeing and other outdoor affairs. If traveling with small kids and old people remember to pack some light woolens clothes also.
February Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Days are bright and pleasant in February with the nights being mildly cold. Travelling to the region during this time can help the vacationers to collect some amazing memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Natural beauty of the region is at its maximum therefore it is a good month for nature enthusiasts to explore the city. Tourist related activities and day tours can be planned around this time as weather remains within comfortable limits.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Onset of summer season is marked in March and the month is characterized by sunny warm days which are followed by pleasant nights. Temperature as well as humidity level rises but tourists can still delve in different outdoor activities. The moderate climate is perfect for exploring different attractions that are present in Panvel and its outskirts. Vacationers can also plan small day trip to the region.
April Very hot
Very hot
Clear skies give way to ample sunshine which heat up the city. High level of humidity along with bright sunny days makes it difficult to indulge in different activities. This is not a preferred month for tourism and being an off season resorts and tour travelers also offer huge discounts. So if you have been planning a budget vacation, April is the right month to take your family out for a holiday.
May Very hot
Very hot
Sun continues to shine with its might making May the hottest month of the year. Days are sunny while the evenings can be pleasant due to the cooling effect offered by the sea breezes. Vacationers should not travel in the sun for a longer period of time as they can get dehydrated or feel heat pangs. Cotton clothes along with sun protective gears should be carried along to deal with the heat.
June Very hot
Very hot
Beginning of monsoons is marked by the mid of June and thus the month remains covered with clouds for a maximum part. Tourists usually avoid this month because of high humidity level along with excessive heat but people who look forward for an economical holiday can plan a visit. Remember to pack sun protective gear and an umbrella to enjoy the vacations to the fullest.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The month of July receives the maximum amount of rainfall. Frequent showers often disorganize the regular life making it difficult for the vacationers to take pleasure from their trip. Rainy days may not seem inviting to the tourists however this is one of the perfect month to get drench along with the city. So remember to keep an umbrella along when venturing out.
August Rainy
Monsoon showers hits Panvel with all its majesty further increasing the beauty of the region many folds. Occasional rainfall may hinder outdoor activities however vacationers can still enjoy participating in various indoor activities. Rain lovers can click some magnificent pictures that can be kept as memories from the trip. So if you love rains then do plan a visit in this month.
September Moderately hot
Moderately hot
September month is also affected by the monsoon showers however the intensity and frequency of the rain is less. This month is also adorned by different festive celebrations that add a new life to the region. One of the most famous and most awaited festivals of the state is celebrated with huge grandeur in this month. Therefore a visit during this time also helps the tourists to become a part of the celebrations.
October Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Post monsoon season is similar to the beginning of summer months. The month of October is often termed as second summer month. Climate during the days remain moderately hot while the evenings are pleasant. October marks the beginning of tourist season and vacationers from all over the world can be seen enjoying in the city. The weather remains comfortable to indulge in different outdoor activities along with sightseeing various attractions.
November Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Temperate climate of the region is suitable for enjoying a trip to Panvel. Humidity as well as temperature drops down to comfortable level making it possible for the tourists to take pleasure in tourist activities. Days along with the nights are equally pleasing. Therefore take up a suitable holiday package and plan a visit to this exquisite location to spend some beautiful and memorable moments with your family.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Winter season is welcomed by the region in December. Pleasant climate makes holidaying easier in Panvel. While the days can be balmy, the city experience a dip in temperature after the sun set thus offering cold nights. Cool breeze dominates the day and set a good time to delve in sightseeing activities along with exploring different locations present in and around the city.

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