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A renowned hill station sited in the Satara district of Maharashtra state, Panchgani experiences moderate climate all through the year. However, the months from September to May are just ideal to be here.

Soothing and serene beauty of this region makes Panchgani a perfect holiday destination for nature lovers. The soothing ambience and serene environs further enhance its beauty, thus visiting during the months of September to May can be fun with friends and family. The comfortable weather of the town makes summers the most favorable season for holidaying in Panchgani. Also a rise in temperature, which is around 20°C to 37°C, provides pleasant climatic conditions that are perfect for outings and taking up adventure sports at Panchgani. On the other hand monsoons here are accompanied with moderate to heavy downpour. For nature enthusiasts this place is a paradise and apt for vacationing. The winter season is the most awaited. With quite cold and soothing weather this season brings huge influx of tourists to indulge in a variety of tourist activities.


December to February- It is a cool and pleasant season, when the average temperature is around 16°C. It is the time to take pleasure of holidaying, sightseeing and many other activities which are especially organized for tourists in these months. Carrying light woolen clothes is very important while travelling to Panchgani in this season.


March to May- A pleasant season, it is just the perfect time to indulge in adventurous activities in Panchgani. The minimum temperature during this season is around 20°C, while the maximum is 34°C.


June to September - Panchgani receives moderate rainfall in these months of the year. Monsoon is just the right time for rain lovers and peace seekers to be here and enjoy the mesmerizing natural beauty of this place.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
January has cold weather accompanied with cloudless blue skies. Temperature is within bearable cold zone thus days become quite warm while nights and evenings are freezing, so make sure you carry warm clothes in this season. It is a good time to enjoy its quite and calm attractions, as the beauty of the town multiples with its coastal plains that lie on one side and mountains on the other.
February Moderately cold
Moderately cold
This month witnesses mildly cold weather conditions, followed by cool breeze that continues all through the day. This is a perfect time to visit this exquisite hill station and rejuvenate in its clean environs. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing and take up adventurous activities, like trekking, hiking and cycling, which can be really fun with friends and family.
March Pleasant
With the beginning of this month, temperature starts to rise accompanied with bright sunlit days that make the weather warm and apt for tourism at Panchgani. You can enjoy the beautiful clear sky and natural vista at its prime. For those who like adventure and exciting activities including cycling and trekking, this month has them all. In addition to this, the famous Strawberry festival is celebrated here in full swing.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month brings with it the beautiful spring season. Picture perfect view of this hill station will make you spellbound. Days with clear sky and ample sunrays make Panchgani a perfect tourist destination. One can enjoy visiting numerous attractions of this town and indulge in adventure sports, like paragliding and hiking, which can be very enjoyable with friends.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
May has moderately hot weather accompanied with lovely blue skies. Temperature is expected to increase but is within comfortable zone and favorable for holidaying at Panchgani. Tourists can wander around the hills and explore picturesque landscape and tranquil views from its well-known picnic spots. For those who wish to plan a visit in this month carrying sun protection gears is highly recommended.
June Rainy
June is the month when monsoons begin to hit this town. Mostly days have intermittent rains followed by cloudy sky. As this month is an off season, in terms of tourism, you may expect the town to be less crowded but on a plus side the rates of the hotels and tour packages are lowered. For nature enthusiasts this is a perfect place to enjoy some solitary instances with Mother Nature.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July witnesses monsoon showers that continue to drench the city with heavy to moderate rains. Days are beautiful and refreshing, as the whole town looks charming and invites tourists to relax in its serene environs. Though outdoor activities might not be possible in this season you can enjoy its natural beauty and get a relief from the bustling city life.
August Rainy
This month experiences monsoon showers with cool breezy weather. The natural vista of the town is breathtaking and flourishing flora fauna accompanied with rustling sounds of wind, make Panchgani the most sought after tourist destination in Maharashtra. Although the place is less crowded, on a plus side the tour packages in this season are highly discounted and worth buying.
September Pleasant
In the month of September the monsoon begins to fade away. This month is tagged as the beginning of official tourist season in Panchgani. You can enjoy going to places of interest and discover the city’s handicrafts and culture. Besides this, festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is held in this month, which lures huge scores of tourists to the town.
October Pleasant
October is the peak tourist month. This is the period when sky is utterly clear and warm sunrays enhance the charm of this hill station. The town looks refreshing after being washed by monsoon showers, with beautiful green valleys and soothing cool winds that pass through its thick woods. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities during their trip.
November Pleasant
November is the ideal month for holidaying at Panchgani. The weather is pleasant, dominated by hot sunny days. You can expect the temperature to lower down but it is within bearable cold zone. This month invites tourists to enjoy its serene beauty and exciting adventures, along with this special Panchgani tourism packages help you make the best of your trip.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
December witnesses extreme winters. Although days are calm and pleasant, nights tend to be chilly, thus wearing warm clothes is recommended. This month offers a great opportunity to indulge in outdoor activities and explore this amazing hill station. With its impeccable sanitation the town remains crowded with travelers all through this season.

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