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Palampur is a beautiful hill station, known as the tea capital of north India. Due to abundance of water and closeness to mountains, its weather remains moderately cold throughout the year. The best season to explore its surroundings is the summer season.

The best time to visit this hill station is during the summer season which lies from the month of March to the month of June. As the weather around the year remains cool therefore every month is regarded as a good time to visit this beautiful hill station. The month of December and January should be avoided as extreme cold is witnessed by the city during these months and the temperature may sometimes dip to a low of -4°C. Palampur experiences less amount of rainfall during the monsoon season, but snowfall is a regular feature of the winter season. When planning a trip to this hill station, carrying of woolen clothes is recommended as the weather during the night can get cold. Various festivals are celebrated throughout the year and visitors can also become part of these festive celebrations and enjoy themselves.


November to February- Palampur experiences very cold winters. The temperature during winters can reach -2°C. Snowfalls are commonly seen during winters, making the ambiance really alluring.


April to June- This is the most preferred season to visit this hill station. Temperature during this time ranges from 15°C to 29°C. Different adventurous activities like trekking or paragliding can be enjoyed during this time.


July to August - The months of July and August mark the monsoon seasons.  This hill station receives adequate amount of rainfall during this time therefore rain lovers can plan their visit during this month.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold and Foggy
Very Cold and Foggy
During this month, the temperature can dip to a sub zero level therefore this month is not regarded as a good time for making a visit. If planning a visit to this hill station in the month of January then heavy woolens are recommended. Extra care of small children and aged people should be taken during the trip. This month is generally affected by foggy conditions.
February Cold
Snowfall can be enjoyed in this month. The weather during the day is moderately cold while the nights experiences cold weather. The month of February is also not preferred for different tourist activities. The festival of colors which is Holi, is celebrated with much gaiety around this time. Tourists can also take part in the celebrations and enjoy themselves.
March Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
With the beginning of this month, tourists start to flock the city in large number. Light woolens are still recommended during this time and a visit to different temples and museums can be planned in this month. Small children should be kept engaged with different indoor activities and should not be allowed to go out as the weather in this month still remains cold.
April Pleasant
The summer seasons begins with the beginning of this month. An increase in the temperature is observed which warms up the climate. This month officially marks the beginning of the tourist season and different adventurous activities such as paragliding or trekking can be enjoyed during this time. Children can also enjoy different outdoor sports in this month.
May Pleasant
The month of May brings with it very pleasant weather. Weather during the day remains pleasant while the weather during the nights is comfortably cold. During this month, Buddha Poornima being one of the main festivals, which are celebrated here, is celebrated with much extravaganza. The celebrations are big and whole of the hill station comes together to celebrate it.
June Pleasant
This month is regarded as the best month for planning a visit to this beautiful hill station. During this time, a visit to the Tea Gardens and Factory can be enjoyed. Palampur is also known as Tea capital due to production of high quality of tea. Different indoor and outdoor activities can be enjoyed by young and old people, during this month.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
A lovely morning walk or a pleasant evening stroll can be enjoyed by newly wedded couple or friends in this month. Different hotel owners and resort owners offer special discounts to the honeymoon couples. Different types of fairs are also organized by the local residents to promote their culture and to attract the attention of the tourists.
August Rainy
Rains lash the city during this month which again brings the temperature down. People who love rains or people who are nature enthusiasts should plan their trip in this month. Sightseeing of Palampur can be enjoyed during this month as the hill station looks very beautiful in the rains. Carrying of rain protection gear is recommended during this month.
September Pleasant
As this hill station has lots of water therefore fishing can be enjoyed during the visit. The temperature remains pleasant during September hence visitors can explore the city around this time. Different tourist attractions such as the Baijnath Temple or the Dhauladhar National Park can be visited and enjoyed. Light cotton clothes are generally preferred during this time by the visitors.
October Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Dussera celebrations mark the beginning of this month. This festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm with the local residents and the tourists enjoy the celebrations alike. A dip in the temperature is observed in this month and the weather during the night starts becoming cold. Shopping from different Tibetan markets can be experienced in this month.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month marks the beginning of winter season. Weather during the night becomes chilling while the day temperature remains moderately cold. The days in the month of November are sometimes affected by foggy conditions. Various small towns that lie in the vicinity of Palampur can be explored during this time. Extra care of small children should be taken.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
This is the coldest month of the year. Snowfall is observed in this month, which makes travelling difficult. This month is not the recommended month for making a visit to this hill station. Different outdoor activities and sightseeing cannot be relish during this month. Use of heavy woolens is advised in this month as the temperature during the day can also experience a dip.

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