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Palakkad is definitely one of the popular tourist destinations in Southern India, thanks to the combination of tourist friendly weather, a large number of places to visit, sights to see and natural beauty to experience.

The weather of Palakkad in the winter (from December to February) is rather cold and chilly, making this season the best time for those tourists who want to travel to the perfect honeymoon destination. The temperatures in this season along with the picturesque surroundings make this season one of the best seasons for those tourists who want to go outside and experience this city at its best. The temperature remains comfortable even during the day time. The summer season in Palakkad goes on from March through to May is advisable only to tourists who are sure that they can withstand the heat and humidity which prevails throughout this region during these months. The monsoon season starts after the summers, extending from June to September. The intensity of the rains throughout these months can stop tourists from heading outdoors since the rains make even public transportation problematic.


The winters in Palakkad extend from the month of December to the month of February, with temperatures tending to stay under 30ºC for most of the days during this season.


From March and throughout till the month of May, Palakkad’s summer season is prone to deterring tourists from making plans which involve going outside thanks to the heat which this region experiences.


From June to September, the intense rain throughout these months is known to deter a large number of visitors from making outdoor plans thanks to the inclement weather which permeates the city and the surrounding areas as well.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Pleasant
This month has balmy days and cool nights with a lot of tourists who wish to recover from the last month's festivities in a location which offers them the relaxation and peace they need. The tourists who want to go out to check out all the sightseeing attractions can do so with mild sunshine during the day and relax in the cool breezes by the evenings.
February Pleasant
The weather in February is extremely inviting, especially for those tourists who like to head out during the day time and to get exploring all the beautiful vistas which Palakkad offers. Clear blue skies, bright sunshine combined with cool nights make February one of the most inviting months for tourists to come and check out all that there Palakkad has for them to see and experience.
March Warm
Throughout this month tourists will get to experience the onset of summers in this region since the mercury starts and continues to rise throughout the month. The initial days of the month are fairly pleasant, with clear blue skies, but the intensity of the sunshine keeps increasing. The night time temperatures are still pleasant with the occasional breeze.
April Warm
Tourists visiting Palakkad during this month will get to experience Palakkad at its hottest during this month. Tourists visiting the city in this month might find that temperatures during the day are rather unpleasant, especially if they wish to head on outdoors to get some sightseeing done. The combination of the abundant humidity and the constantly rising temperature makes travelling outdoors a very big challenge for many tourists.
May Pleasant
This month is one of the warmer months of the year which Pallakad experiences. Even though Palakkad’s overall temperature starts reducing across this month, the combination of both the heat and the rising humidity thanks to the incoming monsoon season makes going outdoors a rather problematic affair for tourists visiting the city.
June Rainy
This month sees the monsoons come to Palakkad as the rains begin their descent. The temperature begins to drop as the sky is overcast with clouds in the day. Across the month, the intensity and frequency of intermittent rainfall gives way to the downpours which the monsoons are famous for. Tourist visits in this month, or rather in this season, are not recommended since the weather will most definitely spoil any plans of going out.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The monsoon season can be seen in all its glory by tourists who want to experience the monsoons for themselves but if these tourists are planning on heading outdoors and taking part in sightseeing or any other tourist activities for that matter, the rains will prove to be more than enough since it pretty much stops all transportation in the city. Nature enthusiasts however, will have plenty to enjoy.
August Rainy
The rains continue through this month, albeit with a slightly reduced capacity. However, the intensity of the rain is enough to deter any tourists from going outdoors unless their intent is to enjoy the monsoons in the first place. However, tourists who plan on going out will often find the rain playing an effective role in washing those plans out.
September Rainy
The receding monsoon season comes into effect as well across this month. Although not as rainy as the months which precede it, with intermittent showers increasing in intensity and their frequency across this month as well, tourists who want to go out, be it for sightseeing will not be able to.
October Rainy
The receding monsoon season continues as the city remains drenched during these months with frequent showers throughout the days which are mostly overcase. The rainfall makes its presence felt not only throughout the month but throughout the entire region too. The frequency of the rainfall can put a stop to almost any plans which tourists might have which involve them going outdoors.
November Pleasant
The receding rainfall continues in this month, reducing in intensity to the point where it is only intermittent towards the last couple of weeks. Once the rainfall more or less stops, it is not hard to see why November is the month most preferred by travelers and tourists alike. The weather in the city in the month of November gives tourists the opportunity to experience Plakkad’s blossoming natural beauty.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The mercury remains stable during this month but the infrequent rains slowly end, usually by the end of the first week. The freshness imparted to the natural beauty of the surrounding environs is something which is a great draw to tourists who plan on heading to Palakkad for their honeymoon. With cool days and pleasant nights, this month is one of the most popular among tourists.

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