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Humidity 90% Wind 2 kph (Direction: NW)

Situated at an altitude of 1100 m, in the region of Hoshangabad, Pachmarhi is a favorable tourists retreat. The town witnesses pleasing and bracing weather throughout the year.

Pachmarhi's pristine beauty is in its prime and its magnificent views that serve as a visual treat. The town is a year-round destination with lovely climate and the best time to visit beautiful hill station is between October and June.


Winters –December –February – Pachmarhi is a perfect tourist’s destination for couples. Winters here start from November with days witnessing freezing climates and nights experiencing the lowest temperature of 4°C. This is an ideal time period for perfect holidays.


Summers – March – June –summer are witnessed here from the month of May and due to its green foliage and favorable climate it brings along maximum tourists’ visits. Days become notably warmer while nights are little cold. Also temperature is within one’s comfort.


Monsoon –July–September– monsoons all through these months present temperate rainfall. For rain lovers this weather is perfect to enjoy serene beauty drenched in rain. Also with end of these intermittent rains the place turns out to be fully revitalized.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Visiting Pachmarhi in this month is suggested for tourists who are looking forward to enjoy pleasurable and moderately cold weather. January offers great opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities in abundance. Temperature is very comfortable and within one’s comfort level. However, at evening climate is expected to get a bit chilly so carrying light woolen clothing is recommended.
February Pleasant
This month experiences pleasant climatic conditions. You can enjoy maximum during this time, as spring season makes its presence felt and warmth of sunrays ensures comfortable temperature outside. For couples this is a good time to enjoy its natural beauty and have an ideal vacation at Pachmarhi. Evenings can be reasonably cold so make sure you carry light woolens with you.
March Pleasant
March is considered as a good time to plan your trip. This month is not only ideal for sightseeing but also enjoying its famous historical places with its rich culture and music. Weather is expected to be cozy and calm with ample of sunlight all day round and soothing atmosphere at nights. You can enjoy travelling and taking up outdoor activities.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With beginning of this month summers arrive and weather outside is expected to be warmer accompanied with humidity and dry atmosphere. Tourists planning leisure activities like trekking or biking can be a bit difficult in this scorching heat. For nature enthusiasts visiting places like wildlife or bird sanctuaries, historic attractions and various pilgrimages can be fun with family.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Compared to other regions Pachmarhi summers are not as intense in comparison with northern regions. Temperature level is expected to rise along with increased humidity. It can make the weather feel a lot hotter than it actually is. Still evenings are much better and pleasant thus making easy for you to out and explore city offerings. Apply sun tan lotions to stay protected from sun.
June Pleasant
In this month summers are tolerable due to monsoon showers, thus making climate moderate and favorable for tourist visits. Due to incoming monsoon, you might have to deal with humid and moist atmosphere. Tourists can enjoy waterfalls, wild-life and presence of some rare species of medicinal plants that have made it the most picturesque tourists spot. With the end of this month you can expect heavy showers.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July records maximum rainfall. Temperature reduces to a certain level and weather becomes quite comfortable. For rain lovers this month serves as an ideal location to spend their holidays. Though you cannot take up any outdoor activities but you have great opportunity to enjoy the picturesque view of this town at its peak.
August Moderate Rainfall
Moderate Rainfall
Rainfalls continue in August thus making it the second wettest month of the year. Increased moisture can make your trip tiring but with mid of this month you can expect weather to be pleasant with light cool breeze. This month usually sees minimal tourist’s activity within city or its neighboring sightseeing locations.
September Pleasant
Frequent rainfalls occur in this month. Nature lovers can still enjoy clear skies and light cool winds during day time. It is a suitable time for tourist's activities in Pachmarhi. Also this month being an off-season hotel rates are expected to be lowered. You can avail tour packages and make maximum benefit, if you wish to plan a trip in this duration.
October Pleasant
Tourists can now get relief from those intermittent rain falls. This month is considered as an official tourist’s season and an ideal time to enjoy what the city has to offer. Also tourist’s activities like checking out all of Pachmarhi’s abundant national parks are now very much feasible and can be enjoyed with no disruption.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month is a peak season for holidaying and sees a great increase in the influx of tourists; one must be prepared for crowd. November offers mild cold weather. With days offering pleasant climate with beautiful sunshine making it perfect for visiting the attractions and enjoying other activities. It is one of the favorable months to plan a visit.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December has mild cold weather causing the temperatures to drop to a moderately cold level. Days are pleasing while nights can be a bit cold and outside conditions are within the comforts of tourists. It is an ideal month to enjoy various attractions of the place. Light warm clothes are recommended for this period.

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