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Humidity 54% Wind 11 kph (Direction: East)

The magnificence of prehistoric period, Orchha is famous for its architectural designs. Located in the countryside the region has moderate climatic condition.

Orchha is an all weather destination. The best season to visit is between the months of September and March. Tourists can enjoy eye catching views of lush landscapes, garlanded with multiple colors of blossoms. Also the festivity of the place is in its full boom. Days are very attractive and accompanied by fairs and cultural programs. The temperate and cool months of October and November are none the less perfect to enjoy magnificent Orchha palaces, whereas summers are very tiring and humid with an average temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, thus making difficult for tourists to travel comfortably. Monsoons can be a good opportunity for rain lovers to enjoy the nature beauty.


Winters –December –February – winters approach Orchha in December thus making climate pleasantly cool. With decrease in temperature, this time is ideal for planning visits. Also its majestic hills rise in striking contrast with surroundings and attract maximum visitor’s attention.


Summers – March – June – As the temperature is soaring up at this time, this place becomes extremely hot and exhausting. Temperature ranges from 23°C to 47°C which is not within the comfort levels of many.


Monsoon –July–September– July marks the beginning of monsoon season, which continues till September. Tourists who enjoy rainy weather can rejoice this down pour that brings newness and rejuvenating greenery to the place. 

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
January is amongst the coolest month of year, offering gentle cold climate and inviting many tourists. Days are warmer because of pleasant sunshine, whereas nights can be comparatively colder. You can enjoy the sumptuousness and magnificence of forts and temples. Wearing light warm clothes is recommended when venturing out in this season.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
February has warm sunny days and mildly cold nights. Journey to this town is like flipping through records of medieval history. Looking at the magnificent forts and grand temples you feel as if you are being transported to a completely different era. Climatic conditions are comforting and enjoying outdoor activities can be a lot more fun with family.
March Pleasant
With the beginning of this month, summer season is at its extreme. However, temperature is mild and within the comfort level of tourists. March is among the best months to plan a trip to Orchha. This period is favorable for indulging in outdoor activities. Rang Panchami festival is also celebrated in March, offering tourists a chance to become a part of this colorful celebration.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Summers arrive with a gush and sudden rise in mercury levels can make the climate somewhat discomforting. Days are accompanied with bright warm sunrays and nights are expected to be dry and humid. Tourists planning a visit to Orchha during this season can expect a good time as beach activities are perfect to make your trip worthy. Carrying your sun gears and light woolens along would be a good option.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
The city experiences searing climatic conditions in this month. With days dominated by blazing temperature, travelling becomes troublesome for tourists who are not used to this type of climate. Cool breeze in evenings ensures that the overall weather is pleasant and suitable for outings. This is considered an off-season, thus offering you a calm and serene place for spending your holidays.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Tourists can get a relief with the beginning of June. This month brings monsoon showers but summers continue with hot and sunny days, followed by moderately hot evenings. To compensate, frequent downpour endows with suitable climatic conditions. Due to minimal crowd of tourists, hotel rates are usually lowered making it easier for you to get a good deal on hotel stay.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Southwest monsoon causes restrained rainfalls in Orchha. As the temperature drops down to a certain level, it gives tourists a break from the tiring and hot summers. This period is ideal for rain lovers to visit this historic city, its numerous palaces and havelis that withstood beatings of time and add romantic reminiscence to your trip.
August Rainy
This season marks the end of monsoons. The beauty of nature is at its best in August after the heavy rains. It also brings along a highly celebrated festival of this place - Onam, which is very beautifully celebrated by the native people and can be a great tourist’s attraction. This month may not be considered the best time for visits but ideal for those want to enjoy the exquisiteness of nature.
September Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Occasional showers continue with moderate warmth in atmosphere, thus making climate quite pleasant. September experiences increase in the level of humidity because of which this month is not preferred much for planning trips. Orchha is less crowded in this month and offers a great time for nature enthusiasts to witness its serene beauty. Ganeshotsava festival is also celebrated in this month.
October Pleasant
This period offers days with clear blue sky. Orchha invites tourists to enjoy its calm and composed weather. It is considered as the best time for exploring local attractions, visiting garish monuments and majestic temples that present a picturesquely view and architectural grandeur that makes the viewers spellbound.
November Pleasant
November is a good time to spend your vacations with family at Orchha. Winter appears, accompanied with pleasantly warm days followed by cold nights. Also temperate climate makes it perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities. You can also enjoy local fairs and festivals, as these carry immense spiritual significance for the villagers.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month has pleasant cool climate. With beautiful sunny days and chilly nights, it is the most favorable time for couples on their honeymoon. You have the opportunity to explore its rich culture and take up adventure activities in and nearby Orchha. It will be wise to carry some light warm clothes to stay safe in this changing weather.

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