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Ooty is pleasant throughout the year, each season bringing something with it for all tourists. Sightseeing, wildlife trips and honeymooning or adventure sports, any time between the months of October and June is ideal.

Ooty is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in India, given its popularity as a vacation destination among the residents of India as well. The weather in Ooty is rather pleasant across the year and across seasons, making any time to visit Ooty the right time to do so. The winters extend from October through to February and are the perfect time for those tourists who are planning on making the most of their honeymoon with pleasant days and chilly nights. The summer season extends from March to May and the mildly sunny days make this season perfect for tourists who wish to indulge in all the sightseeing they can along with other tourist activities. The monsoons come in the month of June and leave this region in the month of September. The plentiful rainfall might interrupt any plans of going outdoors, but the natural beauty in this season must be seen to be believed.


The winters in Ooty extend from the month of October to February. This season attracts a majority of tourists thanks to the delightfully chilly weather which envelopes the city and the area around it.


Starting in March and going on till May, Ooty’s summer season is perfect for the outdoor traveler since the balmy sun during the day can really make sightseeing and nature trips enjoyable.


From June to September, there is plenty of rain which might deter the plans of adventure junkies and outdoors travelers who want some sightseeing. The natural beauty of this region peaks during these months.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold
Very Cold
This month has not only extremely low temperatures dipping to sub zero temperatures but also a great amount of fog which sweeps the region. The days are rather cold and foggy and the mercury plunges by further night fall, making this month one of the most popular among those tourists who wants to enjoy honeymooning or sightseeing and checking out the national parks.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
The intensity of the fog abates a little during this month, the day time temperatures making outdoor activities like checking out all the tourist attractions around this city as well as seeing the wildlife in this region a rather enjoyable experience. Tourists are advised to carry adequately warm woolen clothing to save them from catching a chill.
March Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
March’s weather is cool and pleasant thanks to the bright sunshine which radiates across this region. Tourists who wish to partake in adventure activities can go out and enjoy various activities like angling, boating and trekking as well. Tourists who wish to visit the national parks should take advantage of the wonderful weather in this month.
April Pleasant
The spring season is in full swing across this month, with the abundant sunshine bringing out all the beauty of the blossoming natural vistas across this region. With the comfortable temperatures and the lush beauty of the natural surroundings, the fact that this is one of the most popular months among visiting tourists should come as little surprise.
May Pleasant
Comfortable day time temperatures along with a slight chill in night time temperatures means tourists who come to this city during this month can indulge in sightseeing as well as a whole host of other adventure activities like boating, trekking, nature hikes, horse – racing as well as angling. The flower show which is held in Ooty’s Botanical Gardens is also something which should not be missed.
June Rainy
It is across this month that the monsoon season comes to Ooty. In the first couple of weeks the rainfall is fairly mild and intermittent, only increasing in frequency towards the end of the month. Tourists can still go out and take part in the activities they wished to indulge in. The greenery in the city as well as the area around it is greatly intensified thanks to these showers.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The rains continue through this month, giving the city a drop in temperature which greatly improves the natural ambience in and around the city, with the natural beauty coming into its own. However, the constant rain means that those tourists who have plans of going outdoors and then indulging in the tourist activities they wanted could face disappointment. The available off – season discounts are however a great source of attraction for tourists who are travelling on a budget.
August Rainy
This month is usually has the maximum amount of rainfall in the year so tourists who are fond of going outdoors or even adventure sport enthusiasts might find that the rain will be more than an adequate inhibitor for their plans. Instead of sightseeing and adventure sport enthusiasts, this month is better suited for those tourists who wish to enjoy the monsoon rain and the effect it has on Ooty's natural vistas.
September Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The monsoons begin to reduce in intensity across this month, with only infrequent showers towards the end of this month. These showers do however do a great job of bringing out the natural beauty all around this region, giving the greenery an added boost making this month one of the best for those tourists who want to see the flora and fauna while staying within their budget, thanks to the off - season discounts.
October Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month sees the tourist season come around as the bright and clear days with the blue skies which are complemented by the large amount of lush greenery in and around this hill station. There might be an odd rain shower or two as the North – Eastern monsoon passes by this region but the tourists who want to go outdoors and see Ooty’s sights for themselves should not have a problem with the weather.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The days in November are fairly cold and the mercury dips further as the Sun goes down, causing some light fog to sweep through the region, adding to the already charming ambience of this hill station. Tourists who are looking forward to sightseeing trips or honeymooning will love the delightfully chilly weather in this month.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
In December, the mercury continues to plunge and the resulting chill is also something many tourists wish to experience. The day time temperatures across the month are fairly low since most of this month has rather overcast skies. This dip in temperatures is also results in a thick fog settling into the region, enhancing this ambience even further, making this the perfect weather for a vacation.

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