Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh


State: Andhra Pradesh
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Languages: Telugu
Coordinates: 18.671499 78.098801
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Nizamabad – city of diverse cultural amalgamation

Nizamabad, though comparatively old, serves as the headquarters of its district. The city is a blend of Muslim and Hindu inhabitants and has been ranked as the 10th largest city in Andhra Pradesh.  The town initially was known as Induru, which later came to be known as Nizamabad under the reign of Asaf Jah VI. With its numerous tourism spots and ancient monuments, it invites huge scores of tourists throughout the year.  It also serves as the commercial marketing hub of Andhra Pradesh and has good connectivity with places all across the world.

The city has been under the rule of many rulers, thus a vibrant mix of various cultures and religions persists within its locality. For visitors, there are many attention-grabbing places that remind one about the era when the rulers ruled the city. The magnificent forts, namely Nizamabad Fort, still house the remains of its rulers along with being a testimony of spirited craftsmen and their precious artwork. In addition to this, the glorious Saraganpur Temple and the Vemcha village, the beautiful Nizam Sagar Dam and the famous Tilak Garden are some of the most prominent wonders here that one cannot keep his eyes away from. For travelers who wish to explore the town there are some villages within its premises, namely Bodhan, Amuru and Banswada, amongst which Bodhan is the oldest and has been considered as one of the biggest regions in the Asian Subcontinent. The ambiance of these villages gives one a glimpse of the kind of art, music and culture that was followed here. Exploring the ancient architecture, artifacts and enjoying several outdoor activities, like boating, can be a delightful experience for tourists.

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