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Scattered Clouds
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The city with remarkable structures and a home to one of India's 12 holy Jyotirlingas, it experiences extreme weather throughout the year.

Not many travelers would deny how rousing and addictive it can be to live in a fast-paced metropolis. For those seeking an opportunity for a weekend exit, they can enjoy the desired rest and relaxation in Nasik. The city experiences extreme weather with very hot summers to very cool winters. The best season to visit Nasik is between October and March. These months offer very moderate temperature, making it ideal for outings and exploring the city in its full boom, whereas the months from June to September bring the monsoon showers, attracting those who like rainy weather. It is better to avoid visiting Nasik in April and May because of the scorching summers and common chances of exhaustion and sunstroke.


Winters –October –February – winters are mostly pleasant and mildly cool, with a maximum and minimum temperature of 32°C and 8°C. This is the best period for sightseeing and indulging in outdoor activities. Carrying warm clothes is recommended.


Summers – March – May – summers are hot with temperature reaching up to 42°C. The weather is pleasant and it is a great time to explore this panoramic place and its charm.


Monsoon –June–September– monsoon season arrives in June and continues till September end. These months offer medium and enjoyable rainfall, thus making it a good time for city visits.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Nasik experiences pleasing cold climate throughout this month. The days are sunny followed by cold nights, thus making this time perfect to plan a visit to the city and enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities in this romantic weather. It is advisable to carry light woolens during your trip to Nasik in this month to stay comfortable.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
This month witnesses regular sun shine through the skies, offering pleasant warm days with cold evenings. For outdoor enthusiasts this can be the best time to enjoy water sports and plan other adventurous activities. Tourists can explore the city of Nasik, which is dominated by religious celebrations and vast vineyards for making fine wine.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Summer season arrives in this month. The temperature is expected to rise during day time whereas the nights in Nasik are significantly cooler than most other parts in this region owing to its high altitude. By planning a trip during this time you can enjoy visiting local attractions, as well as indulge in intoxicating experiences like paragliding, horse riding etc.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
This is the month when the summer season begins heating up the environs. The days are sunny with dry and hot climate while the mornings and evenings are pleasurable. The weather might seem a bit uncomfortable for travelling around the city and explore its various facets; therefore sun tan lotions and light clothing are recommended.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
The climate is very hot and humid during this month and it can become inconvenient to withstand hot winds some times. Still many tourists arrive in Nasik during this month, to visit local attractions and enjoy surrounding beauty. Make sure you have all your sun protective gears.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Summer season is at its peak during the month of June. As the temperature rises considerably during the first half of the month, locals and tourists start waiting for the monsoon season to arrive so that they can enjoy various water activities. End of this month brings with it intermittent monsoon rains and the temperature drops down to a comfortable level.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July welcomes the rains and tourists get ready with their rain gears to make the most of this wonderful season. In the initial days of this month there are chances of heavy rainfall on frequent basis. Towards the night time, usually the rain begins to intensify which results in a drop in the temperature. The weather stays pleasing, making it ideal for tourists to visit this place.
August Rainy
With this month the monsoon showers are stabilized and tourists can enjoy clear skies for most part of the day time. Chances of rainfall occurring in the evening are more, making the nights quite cold. It is an ideal time for rain lovers to explore the city, without bothering about the occasional showers to interrupt their outdoor activities.
September Rainy
September is the last month of monsoon season. Although the rainfall begins to fade away, unpredictable showers may sometimes interrupt the outdoor plans of tourists. Overall the weather is comfortable and travelers can discover the mystic charms of the city in its music, culture and architecture.
October Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
This month has moderate climate and various tourist activities are being enjoyed in and around this place in full swing. You can travel around the city and marvel at its remarkable structures of historical importance interspersed by temples, forts, and industrial units. It is a good time to plan a holiday to Nasik with your family and friends.
November Pleasant
November is also known as Rosy Cold month when the climate begins its transition from fall to winter. This month is the best time to visit this place, taking delight in the cool breeze that makes the weather quite pleasant and refreshing. Water related activities and escapade activities like trekking, paragliding are very enjoyable during this period.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
December is among the best months for planning a visit to Nasik. Tourists can enjoy soothing temperature at day time, while nights are chilly. The winters are here to glisten up the happiness and preparations for festivals taking place all across the city. Tourists visiting this place for sightseeing can expect to enjoy a wonderful time during this month

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