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Named after its shape, Nandi hills is a small hill station of Karnataka. All through the year, Nandi Hills experiences temperate climate, thus it can be visited in all the months of the year.


December to February- Temperature in this season varies from 10°C to 24°C. The pleasing days make the overall stay quite comfortable in Nandi Hills, thus attracting a lot of tourists.


March to May - Summers of Nandi Hills bring along moderate temperature, which varies from 23°C to 40°C. It is an ideal time for nature lovers to explore the natural beauty of this region and to take pleasure of other sightseeing opportunities.


June to August- It is the season when this place experiences moderate rainfall under the effect of South West monsoon. The beauty of this place is at its zenith in these months. The serene atmosphere all over the place is just perfect for the nature lovers and for unforgettable honeymoon trips.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
An ideal picnic spot, Nandi Hills can be visited during this month as the climate remains cool and within comfortable ranges. Being located at high altitude, the city experiences chilly nights; therefore it is important to carry warm woolen clothes while travelling to Nandi Hills. January also offers ample opportunities to the travelers to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities.
February Pleasant
Winters in this region are not extreme, as Nandi Hills experience temperate climate. A trip can be marked in any month of the year as the weather remains pleasant and cool. February is a good time to spend holidays in an eventful manner, as vacationers can take up adventurous activities such as trekking or hiking. Nature enthusiasts can also explore natural beauty of the region.
March Moderately hot
Moderately hot
With the beginning of March, the temperature of the city begins to rise; however it remains within comfortable zone. Holidays can still be enjoyed at Nandi Hills as the climate generally remains dry and cool. Tourists can enjoy sightseeing or can also indulge in different outdoor activities. So pack your light cotton clothes before you head toward this beautiful city.
April Moderately hot
Moderately hot
April witnesses a steep increase in the mercury and the temperature reaches a level which is not generally liked by the tourists. Clear blue sky dominates the region, while occasional rainfall makes the climate bearable. Adventure enthusiasts can try their hand at different activities however staying out in the sun for a long time can play havoc with the health of the vacationers.
May Moderately hot
Moderately hot
Month of May is described as the hottest month of the year; however the temperature still remains within comfortable ranges. This is a good month to indulge in different activities. The scorching heat might hinder sightseeing and other outdoor activities sometimes. This month brings along clear skies, but frequent rains experience towards the end mark the beginning of monsoon season.
June Pleasant
Monsoon season is scheduled to begin with this month. Most of the days receive rains, which are of short durations. Several days in the month can also go without thunderstorms and rainfall, as clear blue skies dominate the region. This is a good month to enjoy the natural beauty of Nandi Hills, along with planning sightseeing trips to explore wonderful attractions.
Month Climate Details
July Pleasant
July receives monsoon in its full vigor, as the city is lashed by frequent showers which are of long durations. Cloudy skies and a dip in the temperature make the days, as well as nights, very cold. The natural beauty of majestic landscapes is enhanced, making them worth exploring. However indulging in adventurous activities can be dangerous because of the slippery surfaces.
August Pleasant
Lush greenery of the region is at its peak during this time. Most of the days are dominated by cloudy skies and heavy downpour. This is the best time to visit Nandi Hills if you are fascinated by natural beauty and love rains, as the city looks magnificent after being washed by the rains. Remember to carry an umbrella or rain protective gears to deal with monsoon showers.
September Pleasant
Dark blue skies and lot of rainfall enhances the natural beauty of the region. September offers a good time for sightseeing. Tourists can also plan day outs to get to know the city from proximity. However, all those who are planning an adventure trip, they should wait till the next month as the surfaces are slippery which can make it difficult to trek.
October Pleasant
Weather begins to get clear, making way for sunshine. Cool days followed by chilly nights make the ambiance perfect to indulge in exciting vacations. Vacationers get a chance to explore all the interesting things that Nandi Hills has to offer. Trekking can also be enjoyed by the visitors. The region may also receive few showers; however the skies remain clear for most of the days.
November Pleasant
Weather begins to become more appeasing, as cool days and chilly evenings dominate the region. This is one of the most preferred months to take up a holiday package to the city. Pleasing climate and cloudy skies help a person to feel relaxed and refreshed to the core. Remember to carry some warm clothes, as the hill station can become extremely cold during night time.
December Pleasant
One of the coldest months, December allures tourists from all over the world. Weather remains within comfortable ranges and the amazingly beautiful scenery of the region is worth exploring. This month allows good scope for participating in different tourist activities, along with planning sightseeing tours. December is regarded as a good time for holidaying in Nandi Hills, so take up a suitable package and visit this exquisite city.

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