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Humidity 55% Wind 3.2 kph (Direction: SW)

A city in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, Nalagarh can be best visited in the months from March to October. It is also known as the Gateway to Himachal Pradesh and visited by numerous visitors all around the year.


December to February- Winter season brings along cool and pleasant climatic conditions. The temperature in this season can vary from 4°C to 20°C. Snowfall is quite common during this season, and one can have a glance of mesmerizing snow capped mountains.


April to June - summers in Nalagarh are not too hot, and this is the reason why it attracts a large number of tourists in these months. One can indulge in a whole lot of tourist activities which are specially organized in this season. Also, it is a good time for sightseeing.


July to September- Nalagarh receives medium rainfall in this season. The showers from heaven surely augment the beauty of the whole area. It is an ideal time for nature trips or honeymoon trips.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very cold
Very cold
A magnificent hill station, Nalagarh can be visited all around the year. With the temperature ranging between 4°C to 17°C, the climate remains very cold in January. It is a good time for nature lovers, as the picturesque beauty of the region beckons the tourists toward itself. Tourists are advised to carry warm woolen clothes when travelling to Nalagarh during this month.
February Very cold
Very cold
The month of February is equally cold, if not more, as the month of January. Surrounded by Himalayas from its north east, cool winds blow throughout the days, making the weather pleasantly cold to enjoy outdoor activities. Travelers who plan to visit Nalagarh during this month can visit the Nalagarh fort to view the excellent architecture of the structure and explore the glorious past of the region.
March Moderately cold
Moderately cold
March marks the beginning of official tourist season and people from all over the world can be seen visiting this exquisite hill station. Enclosed by snow capped mountains, Nalagarh offers a picture perfect background to click some amazing photographs. Days can be comfortably warm while the nights still experience biting cold weather. So plan a holiday to this amazing destination and enjoy a perfect retreat.
April Pleasant
Pleasant climatic conditions welcome tourists visiting this hill station during April. Onset of summers is marked with the beginning of April; however the ambiance remains pleasant. This month is perfect to explore the city, along with planning day outs. People who have deep interest in history can visit this destination, in order to enhance their knowledge about the Mughal rulers.
May Pleasant
Verdant forests and beautiful landscapes of Nalagarh can leave a person spellbound. May offers a perfect time to enjoy the vacations amidst cool and pleasant weather with your loved ones. Clear skies dominated by sunshine give tourists a chance to indulge in different outdoor activities. Vacationers can also try different adventurous activities which can help them to experience the adrenaline rush.
June Pleasant
Balmy days followed by pleasant evenings mark the beginning of the month of June. Tourists can plan a visit during this month to get a refreshing break from their monotonous everyday schedule. Occasional rainfall can be experienced during this month, as monsoon season starts by the mid of June. Therefore it is advised to carry rain protective gears to deal with sudden showers.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
The month of July marks the beginning of monsoon season with the city experiencing mild to medium rainfall. Temperature tends to decrease further with the onset of monsoon season, which offers vacationers a chance to indulge in different activities. This month is not suitable for tourism; however rain lovers can plan a trip to enjoy picturesque views of this majestic city.
August Rainy
Rains continue to lash the town with majesty, making it look more beautiful. However increased humidity and frequent downpours might restrict tourists from enjoying their journey to the fullest. The natural beauty of the region, enhanced by lush green surroundings and magnificent landscapes, is worth exploring. So pack your rain gears and carry an umbrella before venturing out to enjoy the downpour.
September Rainy
Skies remain cloudy and downpour continues to hit this hill station. Some days of the month can go without rain but most of the time, the hill station experiences rainfall. Even though this is not the best month for tourism, the natural charm of the region allures nature lovers travelling from different parts of the country to enjoy an exciting trip.
October Pleasant
The month of October offers tourists a chance to indulge in various activities, such as boating and fishing. Pleasant climatic conditions attract maximum tourist’s attention, looking forward to a relaxing holiday. Skies remain clear for maximum part of the month, making it easier for tourists to engage in thrilling activities. Tourists can also make plans to travel to various locations present in the vicinity while on their vacation.
November Pleasant
Vacationers visiting Nalagarh during the month of November can come across balmy days; however as the sun begins to set, temperature of the region starts dipping. Cool breeze blows throughout the month, making it a good time to revel in sightseeing or other exciting outdoor activities. For those planning a trip during this time, carrying warm woolen clothes is advisable.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
Winters arrive with the beginning of the month of December and the region experiences a dip in temperature. Travelers visiting the city during this time can play with freshly fallen snow as snowfall is common during this month. So to get mesmerized by the beauty of snow capped mountains, plan an excursion to Nalagarh around winter season. However remember to pack some warm winter clothes.

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