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Nainital is the most famous hill station in the entire north Indian region. Tourists can visit this hill station in any season. However, the period from February to November is considered the best.

Nainital is one of the most famous hill stations all over the Indian subcontinent. Tourists can visit this awesome place in any season and at any time in the whole year. However, the period from February to November is the best time to do so. The winter season is from October to February. The climate is extremely cold. This time is good for newlywed couples to go there as the snowfall witnessed there is enjoyable. The summer season is from March to May. The sightseeing and other adventurous activities can be enjoyed during summer. The monsoon months are from June to September. The rainfall is occasional during the monsoon. This is the best time to enjoy the natural beauty of Nainital. Thus this wonderful hill station can be visited all through the year.


October to February - The winter season continues from October to February. The winters observe heavy snowfall making it ideal for family vacations. Newlywed couples can also go on honeymoon in this period.


March to May - The summer season in Nainital starts in March and continues till May. This is a favorable time for visitors to enjoy various activities here, like sightseeing, trekking etc.


June to September – During monsoon months, rainfall occurs occasionally. This is the best time to witness the scenic beauty of this hill station and enjoy its impeccable charm.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Very Cold, Foggy
Very Cold, Foggy
The weather condition is extremely cold. This is the best time for enjoying snow and newlywed couples can plan to go for a honeymoon during this month. Tourists who visit with senior citizens and kids should take extra precaution. This month is an off-season period and as a result tour packages are cheaper than usual.
February Very Cold
Very Cold
Extreme cold condition continues to prevail in this month also. This weather is favorable for activities like sightseeing and other adventurous activities. The days being cold and the nights being chilly, it is advisable to take woolens. This is considered as a tourist month and there is an inflow of tourists from various cities and towns. Snowfall is witnessed up to the middle of the month. Tourists who visit with senior citizens and kids should take extra precaution.
March Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The heat begins to warm the atmosphere. The days are cool and the nights are chilly. This is the right time to undertake all kinds of adventure activities. The snow fall is not witnessed in this month, however so can be found on high altitudes. This can be considered as a right time to visit Nainital.
April Pleasant
The weather remains pleasant throughout this month. People from other parts of north India visit Nainital to get relief from the heat wave that grips the entire north in summer. Tourists who want to see a glimpse of snow and all should go to high altitudes.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The weather remains moderate this month. The tourists can enjoy the best adventurous activities like trekking and boating are also possible during this time. The sun shines during the day time but the cool breezes help in controlling the temperature. This is a good time for visitors to visit Nainital.
June Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The days are warm followed by pleasant nights. It is the right period to get involved in adventurous activities. It hardly rains, and the sky is blue all the time. This is also a favorable time to visit Nainital. The end of this month is considered as the start of the monsoon.
Month Climate Details
July Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Rainfall occurs occasionally. This leads to a decrease in the overall temperature of the place, but it causes problems in travelling. This makes July uncomfortable for the people cherishing the joy of adventure sports. The natural beauty during this time serves as a delight for the eyes.
August Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The sky remains cloudy most of the time. The month witnesses pleasant days followed by cool nights. The rainfall is a common feature of this month. The natural beauty is worth watching as the whole area is surrounded with greenery.
September Pleasant
The rainfall starts lowering down its intensity during this month, by the end the rainfall comes to an end. This is considered to be the most favorable time for sightseeing and all other adventurous activities. For snow lovers; they should go to higher altitudes. This is a good time for enjoying boating at the lake.
October Pleasant
This month experiences a pleasant day and cool nights. This month is considered the most favorable month to visit Nainital. This is the perfect time to enjoy holidays over there. All adventurous activities can be performed in this month. The prices for tour packages are very high in this month. So, it is advisable to do the booking in advance.
November Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The winter starts in this month resulting in cooler days and chilly nights. This is a perfect time for trekking and other activities like sightseeing. This is favorable time for visiting the hill station as the nature is at its best. During this month snow starts adhering on high altitudes.
December Very Cold
Very Cold
The atmosphere is very cold. The snow starts falling by the end of this month. Woolen clothes are a must if one is travelling with kids or senior citizens. This is considered as a good time for newlywed couples to enjoy a honeymoon trip to Nainital.

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