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Renowned as capital of Maharashtra in winters, Nagpur witnesses dry and humid weather throughout the year.

Nagpur is also known as the winter capital of Maharashtra with variable climatic changes. To spend an ideal vacation, February to March and then from October to December are the perfect months. Cozy and calm winters are perfect for enjoying its tranquil beauty. This month is preferred by families and even couples. They can enjoy the warmth of sun along with cool breeze and romantic weather. This area witnesses hot climate, but the temperature in evening is expected to get more pleasant; thus wearing sun gears can make your journey trouble-free. While in monsoon, temperature is expected to fall and the days are comfortable to enjoy the serene beauty of Nagpur.


Winters –October –January – This is one of the most popular seasons among tourists. With temperature falling up to 10°C, this season experiences pleasant weather and is conducive enough to visit the numerous wildlife sanctuaries and natural parks.


Summers – March – June –summers arrive with hot and humid days. The temperature at times is expected to soar up to 49°C during day time but the cool winds in evening and post monsoon showers by the mid June balance the overall conditions.


Monsoon –July–September– Nagpur sees moderate to heavy down pour. With comforting temperature, this is a good time for tourists who love monsoons, as they can check out the city in this month.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately cold
Moderately cold
The city has quite cold and chilly weather in the month of January. Days are pleasing because of the light sunrays that warm up the surroundings whereas nights are comparatively cooler. Due to favorable temperature, this season brings numerous tourists to take pleasure in sightseeing and lush green forests. Those planning outdoor sports should carry light warm clothes.
February Pleasant
February has very pleasant type of weather and beautiful sunshine throughout the days. Besides the comforting weather condition, Nagpur is renowned for its hospitality and has several important tourists’ attractions, like refreshing lakes, picturesque gardens, lush green forests and luxurious amenities for travelers to enjoy.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
March is the month that marks the beginning of summer season. With rise in temperature, surroundings are expected to be hot but on average warmth in the air remains within bearable range. Such conditions are favorable for exploring the several important tourists' attractions like the Pench National Park, the temple of Sri Podeshwar Ram but make sure you wear sun protection lotion and light cotton clothes to stay safe.
April Very Hot
Very Hot
Extremely hot days with dry and humid environment make April the hottest month of the year. The temperature during day time can be scorching, thus wearing light cotton clothes can make your journey a bit easy. Tourists intending to plan their trip during this time can explore its rich heritage and culture.
May Very Hot
Very Hot
May is the month wherein summer season reaches at its peak; thus Nagpur witnesses maximum rise in temperature. Days are sweltering and cause discomfort while travelling, whereas the cool breeze in the evenings balances the overall temperature thus making it a lot easier to venture out. However, loose cotton clothes and sun tan lotions can be the best alternatives, if you plan to visit outdoors.
June Very Hot
Very Hot
Climatic conditions are extremely hot, at the same time atmosphere is dry with little or no wind movement in the early days of this month. Tourists can relax because the monsoon season starts making its presence felt and makes travelling outdoors possible for those who want to go out in the day and check out the city's attractions.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
July witnesses heavy monsoon showers. Due to south-westerly torrential winds, this period experiences a lot of rainfall. Rains pour down in most part of Nagpur, making it the wettest month of the year and bringing the temperature down. For those who love rains, this is a perfect place to visit and enjoy the nature’s beauty in its prime.
August Rainy
Nagpur sees maximum down pour in August. The temperature does begin to drop and by the end of this month intermittent showers gleam the beauty of city. Days are dominated by clear skies during this period, but it is advised to carry proper rain gears to avoid getting drenched in the sudden rains.
September Rainy
The pace of heavy rainfalls is slowed down by the month of September. Tourists can experience frequent rains but within the comfortable temperature zone, making it easy to travel around. Besides this you can indulge in the festivity of Ganesh Chathurthi which is celebrated in this month.
October Pleasant
As October month sets in, a dip in temperature level ensures comfortable weather. Days are lovely with glorious sunshine making it appropriate for tourist’s activities and a good time for travelling. This month is suitable to visit Nagpur and explore its various heritage sites. However, you can expect some drizzles and get delight from celebrations of Durga Pooja taking place all around.
November Pleasant
With pleasing climatic conditions throughout this month, tourists can make the most of their trip. Lots of sunshine and warmth provides comforting weather at day time, whereas nights can be little cool. November is an ideal month to enjoy serene beauty of Nagpur and enjoy outdoor activities. Woolen clothing is required as evenings can be chilly at times.
December Moderately cold
Moderately cold
December witnesses mild cold weather with pleasant temperature dominating the days. Accompanied with calm air and chilly days and nights, this can be good time for couples and families for indulging in activities like classical music concerts, exhibitions and water sports.

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