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Moderate climate and plenty of attractions make Mysore an ideal destination to plan your next holiday at. From Sep to March is certainly the best time for visiting Mysore, the city of palaces.

The temperate climate of Mysore makes any time of the year good for planning a visit to this royal city. The amazing grandeur of its majestic palaces and historical places attracts tourists from around the world. Winter season, from October to February, is the most preferred time for planning a visit to Mysore. Pleasant weather makes it very convenient to visit its numerous attractions and spend a good time with your friends and family. Not only the weather is pleasant, but there are so many festivals celebrated during this time, making it an ideal time to visit Mysore and become a part of these grand celebrations. Summer season starts from April till May and during this time slightly hot temperature is experienced in this region. It is followed by monsoon season, starting from June to the month of August. A slight increase in humidity levels is seen at this time, making this season less favorable for visiting Mysore, as compared to other months.


December to February – Chilly days in winter season are accompanied with occasional showers, making the ambiance quite pleasing. Besides enjoying the local scenery, tourists can also partake in splendid Dussera celebrations, held during this season.


March to May – Average temperature remains around 39°C, making the days quite hot, while nights are pleasant and cool. Taking walks, joining cycle tours and sightseeing are some activities tourists love to indulge in during this time.


June to September – Medium to heavy rainfall occurring in monsoon season makes the environment even more pleasant. Unpredictable rain can catch you off guard at times, thus carrying an umbrella is advisable whenever venturing out in Mysore.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Pleasantly cold climate and fresh ambiance witnessed during the month of January make it an ideal time for visiting this amazing city and exploring its many facets. Tourists can visit various attractions located in and around this city and enjoy a wonderful trip to Mysore, as the weather is favorable for planning outdoor activities and sightseeing trips.
February Pleasant
Sunny days accompanied with cold breeze making the climate during day time quite pleasant. Weather during nights can be cooler as compared to days. A lot of tourist activity is seen at this time, as people find this month apt for sightseeing in Mysore and enjoy other plenty of activities as well, such as outdoor trips, shopping and many more.
March Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Moderate climate dominates the month of March. Tourists can expect to witness sunny days, with cool breeze keeping the temperature under comfortable level and making it a good time for visiting plenty of attractions located in this city. Nights can seem colder than days. Tourists throng Mysore in huge numbers during this month and indulge in various activities, like sightseeing and outdoor trips.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Summer season starts in the month of April, bringing along warm days. However temperature does not rise to uncomfortable level, as the cold breeze keeps it pleasant. Evenings are more pleasing as compared to days. Although it is not counted among the best months for visiting Mysore, but temperate climate assures an enjoyable time for those visiting Mysore in April.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
Temperature starts to rise in the month of May, making it one of the hottest months witnessed in this region. Cool breeze and occasional showers keep the weather comfortable and make it more pleasant especially during evening time. It might not be considered an ideal time for visiting Mysore, but there are still plenty of activities that tourists can enjoy.
June Rainy
Monsoon season starts in June and the weather is made pleasant by rain showers. Temperature during day time is warm with a slight chill in the air, while the nights are mildly cold. This is the best time for rain lovers to visit Mysore and enjoy an unforgettable trip exploring the various attractions, historical places and temples located around this city.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Heavy rainfall is witnessed during the month of July in Mysore. It makes the climate quite pleasant and perfect for enjoying the incredible beauty of this place, without causing much disruption in your travel plans. Temperature during day time stays warm, while the nights are pleasant. This is the best time for rain lovers to spend an unforgettable time exploring this place.
August Rainy
Rainy season continues to add a vibrant touch to the ambiance of this incredible city. The days are made pleasant by frequent showers, while the temperature during night time can become cold in comparison. People who prefer monsoon season can plan a trip to Mysore during this season and add some wonderful memories to their trip, exploring the amazing attractions of this city.
September Rainy
Monsoon season in Mysore lasts till the month of September and occasional showers can be enjoyed during this month. The pleasant and comfortable weather attracts a lot of tourists in this month, making the place come alive with increased tourist activity. This time is best spent exploring this city and visiting its various temples, palace and historical places.
October Pleasant
The beauty of Mysore, the Royal city, is at its peak during this time. Besides pleasant climate, another reason attracting tourists to Mysore in October is the yearly event celebrated in this month. October is also known as festive season, as the entire city comes together to celebrate the famous festival of Mysore Dussera with a lot of fervor and enthusiasm.
November Pleasant
November is considered among the best month for planning a trip to Mysore. The pleasant climate adds to the charm of this city, while the blooming atmosphere attracts tourists and vacationers from near and far. Sightseeing and shopping are the most popular activities that vacationers like to indulge in when visiting this city, famous for its royal palaces and historical attractions.
December Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Pleasant days are made more beautiful by bright and clear skies during this winter month. Misty mornings are followed by chilly nights, which might require the tourists to wear light woolens to stay warm and comfortable. This time of the year is considered favorable for planning sightseeing trips and visiting numerous historical places and palaces located in this city.

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