Mysore, Karnataka


State: Karnataka
Famous for/as: Heritage, Palaces
Languages: Kanada
Coordinates: 12.297900 76.639297
Best Season:

Experience mystic grandeur of Mysore Weekend getaways

Mysore, the exquisite and the scenic city in the state of Karnataka, named after the name of “Mahishasurana Ooru” which means town of Mahishasura, the demon King who ruled the city in ancient history. The splendiferous city is jelled at the base of Chamundi Hills which is famous for the celebration of 10 days long Dussehra festival in the honour of the Goddess Chamundeshwari and is the centre of attraction for large number of tourists during all the celebration.


A city where all religions are worshiped cordially and co-exist in harmony for centuries. Even when city was culturally at its peak under the Vijayanagar Empire and the Wodeyars, the rulers encouraged all religions and cultures without any discrimination. This support promoted the distinct style known as the "Mysore Style" in various fields, like sculptures, architecture, music, poetry etc.


Karnataka has valuable tradition of folk arts and folklore. The Divergent branches of folk art, like singing, drama, dance and puppet shows are very famous in the rural parts of Karnataka, which are specially performed on the renowned festival Dasara on the streets of Mysore.


The beautiful city is known for its famous Mysore Silk fabric, Mysore Jasmine flower, Mysore Sandalwood (Srigandha) and Mysore Eggplant.

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