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Murudeshwar is known as the pilgrimage paradise. The city experience warm climate during summers and the weather during winters remain pleasant. Best months to visit this city are from October to May.

Located on the western coast of Karnataka, the city of Murudeshwar is famous for housing the huge Shiva statue. The best time to visit this holy city is the winter season which is from the month of October till the month of March. During this time the weather is favorable for exploring the city of Murudeshwar. Visitors can visit this holy city during any month as different months offer different attractions. During the month of February, the Car Festival and the Maha Shivaratri is celebrated with a large number of people taking part in the celebrations. If a person does not like rains then the monsoon season that lies from the month of June to August should be avoided. Heavy monsoon showers are experienced during this time which can hamper the visit and the visitor will not be able to enjoy his trip to this wonderful city.


December to February- With the temperature ranging from 14°C to 28°C, the weather remains pleasant during the winters. Many festivals are celebrated during this season with enthusiasm.


March to May- summer season begins from March and ends in the mid of May. The weather during summers remains warm and less number of tourists visit the city during this time.


June to September- Heavy rainfalls are witnessed during monsoons with strong winds lashing the region. Monsoon season should be avoided while planning to visit this city as travelling around can become difficult.

Weather By Month

Month Climate Details
January Cold
The weather during this month remains cold and this is regarded as the peak tourist season. This city is regarded as pilgrim’s paradise because various temples are present in this city. The beauty of different sculpture can be enjoyed during this month as the weather is perfect for sightseeing and getting involved in different activities.
February Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The weather begins to warm up a bit with the increase in the temperature in this month. Different water streams like Bheema thirtha and the Agni thirtha can be visited during this time. Being surrounded from three sides by sea this town is regarded as an ideal destination for tourists as it will surely help in rejuvenating the person.
March Pleasant
This month marks the end of winter season and an increase in the temperature is felt. Light cotton clothes are preferred in this month as the sun shines bright during the day and the weather during the nights remains cool. This is the best month to enjoy different types of indoor and outdoor activities. Children can make the most of this month.
April Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
With the beginning of this month, summer season also begins. The weather during summers remains warm but it is not very hot. A visit to the beach with friends or family can relax a person. Different tourist attractions can be enjoyed during this time and a visit to various temples can also be planned around this time.
May Moderately Hot
Moderately Hot
The average temperature during the day can reach 35°C making the weather moderately hot. The afternoon sun shines bright and small children should not be allowed to stay in the sun for a long time as it can have bad effect on their health. Different type of adventurous activities can be enjoyed at the nearby Netrani Island.
June Rainy
With the presence of occasional rainfall, the level of humidity is increased in the atmosphere. A dip in the temperature is observed due to the presence of rainfall. The weather during the day remains pleasant and the climate during the nights is cool. This is not regarded as the best month for making a visit to Murudeshwar.
Month Climate Details
July Rainy
Rain lovers should plan their visit during this month as the city of Murudeshwar witness heavy rainfall during this month. Carrying along of rain protection gear is highly recommended during this time. Extra care of small children and aged people should be taken during this time. In this month, different indoor activities that are organized by the resort owners can be enjoyed.
August Rainy
Heavy monsoon showers are still observed during this time, therefore this month is not usually preferred while planning a trip. Due to the presence of rains, the temperature falls to a minimum of 21°C. This month can be enjoyed by the nature lovers as during this time they can enjoy the beauty of this holy city.
September Pleasant
During this month the city seems washed after the rains. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of different waterfalls such as Chaktikal waterfall or Koosalli waterfall that lies nearby. The weather in this month is comfortable for getting involved in different type of outdoor sports. Children can also enjoy themselves throughout the month of September by getting involved in different activities.
October Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
The Dussehra festival that marks the victory of Lord Rama over Raavan is celebrated in this month. People from different states of Karnataka and India comes together to celebrate this festival. This month marks the official tourist season. Most of the tourists prefer to travel during this month to explore the beauty of this holy city.
November Moderately Cold
Moderately Cold
Winter season starts with the beginning of the month of November. The weather remains comfortably cold throughout the month. Carrying of light woolen clothes is advised during this month. In the month of November, the sky usually remains covered with clouds. This month is regarded as a month for exploring different beautiful attractions that the city has to offer.
December Cold
During winters the city experience pleasant weather. As this month witness high rush of tourists therefore booking of tickets should be done well in advance. During this month, carrying of woolen appeals is necessary. The temperature being comfortably cold is an additional benefit for visiting all the tourist attractions and enjoying them in the month of December.

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